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Power Rankings

Two weeks have come to a close with a very interesting start to the CFL. Two teams have stepped up to the top of the rankings with some surprise teams vying for contention. Furthermore, there has also been some poor starts from teams. Here is the first edition of the power rankings:

  1. All Day- The defending champs have come out with some serious fire. The roster has seen very little turnover indicating a juggernaut once again. Yash has led this team to victories over Halal Bros and AK. Leading the offensive unit with ease to 4+ Td’s in both games. The only issue with this team can be pointed to the defense which has given 27 PPG thus far, but with a prolific offense we aren’t worried. All Day is the team to beat.
  2. Halal Bro’s- The roster looks like a CFL all pro team. With the combination of the Outsiders, Ravens, and Browns this teams talent can’t be questioned. They lost a 1 point game to All Day in week, but responded by crushing the hapless Underdogs. If Pops can keep the team united and under control they are a front runner to make the finals and very possibly can lift the CFL trophy.
  3. Ballers- Surprise surprise, no one expected the Ballers to show such a great start. Reports state Usman is still celebrating the week one win over Moody’s Niners. All jokes aside this team has started 2-0 and shown a very good brand of football. Quick passes and a new and improved roster has created a viable squad and solid defensive unit. The Ballers must not be taken lightly this season.
  4. Caliphs- The upstart Caliphs have also started 2-0 with one win coming via forfeit and the second coming in a beat down of the Niners. The Caliphs have always had some talented players but they seem to be looking to take things to the next level. This team is no longer just ZQ, but a plethora of talent that must not be taken as an easy out.
  5. AK- The 0-2 start has been disappointing, but the caveat is that the one loss was via forfeit and the second was against All Day. This team has all the talent in the world, but needs to get all their players on the field together. If they can manage to do that they are a legitimate contender this season.
  6. Niners- Another disappointing team, but to people that have been around the CFL this isn’t particularly surprising. The Niners always historically start slow and heat up as the season goes along. This year the main issue has been the attendance. Captain Moody has struggled to get his best players on the field this year. Is this finally the year the Niners fizzle out?
  7. Imaan- This team has split its two games. Beating the underdogs by one point and getting a beatdown via the Ballers. The offensive unit is led by Waqas who has never been shy to air it out. This team may pull some upsets this season, but aren’t a contender.
  8. Underdogs- This team was one two point try away from their first win in week one, only to get shellacked in week two. The squad has looked messy and injuries have hurt. The Underdogs of 2021 looked like a surprise team, but this team looks flat and doesn’t give off any signs of contending.
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