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                               power rankings

A lot of excitement has surrounded CFL as many new brothers have joined. Many of the existing brothers have returned, and the feeling of autumn has never been better. The Crescent Football season has started with very few surprises. The teams expected to win have not only won, but also mostly dominated the action.  As far as the league goes, we have seen a very top-heavy outlook thus far. Will that change in the coming weeks? Let us dive into week two’s power rankings!

  1. Replacements: reps  The defending champions start a top the rankings. They do not quite look the same without Omar starting at QB. However, the fluidity and consistency has shown. These people know how to play at a high level, and have continued to do so through the first two weeks. Suhail has led the team early on and has put points on the board at will. Defensively they do not look as dangerous as in their champion season, but still have the makeup of a top defense. Once Omar returns to full health this unit will just get better.
  2. Niners: niner  The Niners made their return and were up to their usual tricks. They dominated offensively. Estaban has returned as the QB of this team and looked in mid-season form early on. This unit has shown the ability to create many turnovers and points off those turnovers. Looks like they will be without former MVP Jonathon this season. Is that something this unit can withstand in a long season? Can they make another run to the finals? Time will tell, but based on their first game they look dangerous!
  3. Browns:  browns The Browns have returned with many new faces. Pops leading the charge has recruited many talented players. This group may have the biggest name in the game in Nafi. On offense, they are led by the young Mark who can easily get into the conversation as a top QB in this league. He has shown a very strong and accurate arm thus far. Will that continue, as the schedule gets tougher? It remains to be seen, but it is very clear this team is loaded and will make a lot of noise this season.
  4. Sonics: sonics This team is led by Waqas and has shown some inconsistencies early on. They definitely are talented with the veteran Waqas leading the charge. Do not forget about Abdel and judge as legitimate offensive threats. This unit will go as far as their QB can take them. He has the propensity of throwing big TD’s, but also has the knack to throw deflating interceptions. We currently think this team is a tier below the top three.
  1. Imaan: iman  This group looks revamped and energized! Farooq has brought in many new brothers and results have shown thus far. Taco has brought a lot of energy to this squad. Faizan has given this team a legitimate QB, and Farooq has provided the $. Hey, we are only kidding about the last point! It is clear though that this team will pose a challenge every Saturday. The arrow is trending up.
  2. All Day:  IMG-20180927-WA0007 (1) This is a tough group to judge thus far. Led by the commish Aqib, they have played one game against the Browns, and looked good defensively. Offensively though they were a mess and lacked a lot of cohesion. Some of which is expected for a team with new faces. This team has the talent to give most teams a challenge on game day, but needs to show consistency. The arrow is trending down.
  3. Ballers:  new-york-giants-ballers-football-team  This group is led by Usman who is showing vast improvement year over year. This group has moved the ball quite effectively and have gotten great production from his brothers, Aqib and Umair. Unfortunately, for them, they have not been able to finish drives as efficiently as they would like yet. We think that will improve as the season goes on. Defensively they have lacked organization. It is clear though that the future is bright for this squad as they are a really dedicated and coordinated bunch.
  4. Falcons:  atlanta_falcons_logo_by_redfalcon821-d72chun  The young Falcons looked brilliant in week 1. Unfortunately, they looked bad in week 2. Some of this is expected as all their players are under 21. They have a lot to learn on the field, and were in for a rough lesson against the Browns this past week. The growing pains will be tough, but the future is bright. They will only get better as the season moves along.
  5. TNW:  nightssss This new team has faced many challenges thus far. Most new teams in Crescent face growing pains and adversity. This group has shown a lot of positivity and passion for the game. Their biggest hole so far has been at QB position. Ali must keep his boys inspired, as they will improve with more practice.


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