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The Five Question Chronicles: #1

The Five Question Chronicles will feature a simple Q&A with each captain so the CFL community can get a flavor of each team. Enjoy.

Captain: Yasha Tehrani Team: All Day

  1. How would you grade your teams performance thus far? B
  2. On your team who are the following:
    1. MVP: Joel Nessi
    2. Underrated: Joe Sudds
    3. Funniest: Joe Sudds
  3. Who are the top 5 teams in CFL right now? Browns, Niners, All Day, AK, Outsiders
  4. What improvements can the league make? Games should be a little longer
  5. What changes does your team need to make to contend for a championship this season? We need to make defensive stops against the top teams.

Feel free to express your opinions on the above on the CFL Group Chat on WhatsApp where its always popping.

Week 6 Recap

Week 6 brough all sorts of fun in the CFL landscape. In game one All Day scored early and often on the Caliphs defense. Yash and the boys were finding gaps all over the field and exploiting the defense. In the end it was a very one-sided game. In game two the Underdogs started well against the Caliphs only to see the Caliphs come roaring back in the second half to secure a well-deserved win. Key plays by ZQ, Zobi, Musaib and crew helped clinch the Caliphs their first victory of the season. In the third game of the week we witnessed our “game of the week”. Two stalwarts went toe to toe in the Niners and AK. AK started Mithu at QB after they were missing their usual starter Sim. Mithu started well hitting Miguel on a brilliant TD pass only to see the Niners come back and rally for the win. Key plays by Josh and Sardar helped secure a big win in a low scoring defensive battle. In the final game of the afternoon the Underdogs and Ravens were in a very even battle to the final seconds. The Ravens got off to a flying start and controlled the tempo in a back and forth showdown. The Underdogs scored a late TD with seconds left on the clock and converted on 2 point try to win by 1 point. Stay tuned for week 7 coverage..

Final Scores:

All Day 40- Caliphs 6

Caliphs 26- Underdogs 12

Niners 18- AK 12

Underdogs 27- Ravens 26

Week 6 Previews

Caliphs vs. All Day (8:45 AM):

Caliphs come into this matchup having lost 4 straight games. All Day comes into this contest losing 2 out of their previous 3 contests. Even in their losses All Day has been very competitive and showed offensive firepower. Caliphs showed good fight in their latest loss to AK. ZQ and the boys best shot to win is to force turnovers and rattle the opposition early. Ultimately All Day’s offensive attack will be too much for the Caliphs to keep up with.


All Day 34– Caliphs 13

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Underdogs vs. Caliphs (9:45 AM):

The Underdogs made their debut in week 5. They convincingly beat the Ballers, but narrowly beat Imaan in a thrilling finish. It will be interesting to see if they are more like the team in game 1 last week or game 2. The Caliphs will be on a second leg of a back to back. This will be a gritty game with both teams hungry for a win. We expect the Underdogs to start strong with the Caliphs fighting back hard. This game may go down to the final moments with our experts predicting the Underdogs to come out on top.


Underdogs 20– Caliphs 14

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Niners vs. AK (10:45 AM):

THIS IS THE GAME OF THE WEEK! The surging Niners, winners of their past three games, come into a heavy weight contest against AK. AK is on a surge of their own winning three straight as well. Max has taken over the QB position for the Niners and he’s done an excellent job. Sim has been the offensive leader and QB for AK and has done a terrific job. The key for the Niners is to trust the defense and force AK to play long fields. The key for AK is to avoid the Niners ball hawks and move the chains. In a matchup of two very powerful offenses we expect this game to come down to a defensive showdown. Niners win by hair.


Niners 21– AK 20


Ravens vs. Underdogs (11:45 AM):

The talented Ravens faced defeat for the first time last week. The Underdogs will be on the 2nd leg of a back to back. We expect the Ravens to attack right from the get go as they have the fresh legs. This game is hard to predict as it may depend on who shows up for both teams. Our experts give the Ravens a slight edge.


Ravens 27 – Underdogs 20

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Week 6 Schedule

8:45 AM – Caliphs vs. All Day

9:45 AM – Underdogs vs. Caliphs

10:45 AM: Niners vs. AK

11:45 AM: Ravens vs. Underdogs

*All games played at Alley Pond Park

Week 5 Recap

October 16, 2021:

A bright windy morning with a two-field setup at Eisenhower park. Despite the wind a lot of points were put up on the board. The Niners kept their win streak going to three with a convincing shutout win over the Ballers. The Underdogs had an excellent debut with a blowout win over the Ballers. Faizan led the offensive charge with Hasan and Syed playing exceptional defense in one of the most one-sided games in CFL history. The Ravens played one of the top teams in the Outsiders and their undefeated season was no more. Jayo was missing and their offense struggled mightily. The Outsiders once again bounced back from a tough loss behind the leadership of Pops. The Browns too bounced back after suffering their first defeat of the season with a big win over All Day. All Day lost some key players to the Underdogs, but will certainly bounce back as they gain more continuity. Speaking of Underdogs, they played a second game and won against Imaan. A very tight and heated contest that went down to the final play with Hasan delivering a key interception to clinch it. Fahad has been a bright source of energy for this unit. Speaking of double headers AK was involved in one this weekend. They showed up tardy and undermanned, so had to start with 4 men against the Caliphs. They were able to flex their muscle and win handing the Caliphs their fourth consecutive loss in a tough campaign so far. In the second leg of their double header AK convincingly blew out the Elites. AK is starting to pick up steam behind the excellent leadership of Harpal and the talented play of Miguel and crew.

Final Scores:

G1. Niners 24- Ballers 0

G2. Underdogs 52- Ballers 0

G3. Outsiders 27- Ravens 7

G4. AK 26- Caliphs 12

G5. Browns 34- All Day 28

G6. Underdogs 13- Imaan 6

G7. AK 39- Elites 6

Week 5 Previews

9 AM: Ballers vs. Niners (Field 1)

The Ballers have put together competitive one score loses in consecutive weeks now showing that they are serious about getting better. This is the front end of a double header for them. The Niners on the other hand have dug out of a 0-2 hole and won consecutive games the past two weeks. The reloaded and revitalized Niners have looked downright dangerous. The Ballers best shot is to force an early turnover and swing the momentum in their favor. In the end the Niners explosive offense will be too much for the Ballers to match.


Niners 27– Ballers 14


10 AM: Underdogs vs. Ballers (Field 1)

The underdogs make their debut in week 5. A team full of castaways, its tough to get a gauge on exactly who will be on this team or the talent they possess. We just know that Aqib will be leading the charge with many other unknown pieces. The Ballers will be playing the 2nd end of a back to back after playing the Niners earlier in the morning. The Ballers should attack this team right away and force their opponent to try adjust on the fly. It is very challenging to predict this game with so many unknowns, but we give the Ballers the slight edge as they have played together and have continuity.


Ballers 20– Underdogs 19


11 AM: Browns vs. All Day (Field 1)

THIS IS THE GAME OF THE WEEK! The previously undefeated Browns (3-1) look to bounce back after a tough nail-biting loss to Imaan in week 4. All Day looks to continue its early season roll (3-1). The Browns have missed notable players in consecutive weeks with their super star DJ down with injury. All Day has lost some players to the newly formed Underdogs. Either way we expect this game to be a shootout as All Day has had the most explosive offense leading the league with over 30 ppg, and the Browns are not too far behind averaging over 25 a game. The key for All Day is to get off to a good start. Yash and the boys have gotten off to slow starts the past two weeks and they can’t afford to do that this week. The key for the Browns is to get some key stops and keep the ball out of All Day’s hands. Ultimately we predict a slight upset with All Day beating the mighty Browns.


All Day 33– Browns 27

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10 AM: AK vs. Caliphs (Field 2)

AK (1-1) was on bye this past week and has played two tight contests in their first two matchups. Caliphs on the other hand have lost their first three games to start the season. Both teams have used multiple players at the QB position early in the season, so it will be interesting to see who starts for each team at the position. AK has shown a very strong defensive unit to start the season (16.5 ppg allowed) with the Caliphs strength also on the defensive side of the football. We anticipate the Caliphs struggling to score leading to a one-sided contest in the favor of AK.


AK 27– Caliphs 7

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11 AM: Ravens vs. Outsiders (Field 2)

The undefeated Ravens (3-0) face their first test of the season against a strong Outsiders unit (2-2). The Ravens were on a bye last week and are lead by a young core of talented player (Ihsan, Jayo, Marcus). On the other side of the ball the Outsiders are a team that have faced very stiff competition through four weeks (AK, Browns, Imaan, All Day). The Outsiders are battle tested, but have had attendance issues over the season which has impacted this unit on a week to week basis. We anticipate this game to feature a lot of big plays on both sides of the ball. With the Outsiders handing the Ravens their first loss of the season behind the veteran play of Danny and Nafi.


Outsiders 26 – Ravens 20

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12 PM: Imaan vs. Underdogs (Field 2)

Imaan (1-3) earned their first win of the season last week in a potential game of the year versus the Browns. Waqas added significant talent to the roster and it showed on the field. He had ample targets on the offensive end, and the defense made timely stops and crucial interceptions to keep the team in it. They face the unknown Underdogs who will be on the 2nd leg of a double header. Imaan’s fate will come down to who is present on the field this week. Ultimately we believe Imaan wins behind a strong offense that will be hard to keep up with for this newly formed team.


Imaan 33 – Underdogs 20


1 PM: AK vs. Elites (Field 2)

The Elites (3-1) are coming off a win in week 4 against the Ballers. AK will be on the 2nd leg of a double header. The Elites have shown they are a very talented unit on the defensive side of the ball (15 ppg allowed). However, offensively they haven’t shown that spark just yet. With Sohel under helm they had their best offensive showing last week (27 points). They will face a strong test against a very talented AK defensive unit. We anticipate this game being very tight in the first half with AK having just enough fuel to pull away at the end.


AK 21 – Elites 13

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Week 5 Schedule


Field 1 (Farther from parking lot 6A):

9 AM: Ballers vs. Niners

10AM: Underdogs vs. Ballers

11 AM: Browns vs. All Day

Field 2 (closer to parking lot 6A):

10 AM: AK vs. Caliphs

11 AM: Ravens vs. Outsiders

12 PM: Imaan vs. Underdogs

1 PM: AK vs. Elites

Week 4 Recap

In game 1 the Elites took down the Ballers in a one possession game. The Ballers were heavily undermanned, yet once again put up a very good effort on the field. Sohel lead the charge for the Elites. In game 2 the Niners easily beat the loveable Caliphs. Ron took matters into his own hands and was looking like Strahan in his prime. The Caliphs made a change at QB, but it may take a few weeks to get continuity going on the offensive end. In game 3 we may have witnessed the game of the year with the reloaded Imaan beating the previously undefeated Browns. Waqas did a great job of adding talented players across the board and it showed on the field. Shu and Waqas traded scores until the end with Imaan winning one of the most entertaining games in recent memory. In game 4 All Day and the Outsiders played an instant classic. The Outsiders jumped out to an early lead behind Danny and Alexi before Yash and the boys got on fire on the offensive end. A key stop by All Day and a score late sealed a dramatic game that featured everything you can imagine.

Final Scores:

G1. Elites 27-20 Ballers

G2. Niners 28-6 Caliphs

G3. Imaan 35-34 Browns

G4. All Day 34-31 Outsiders

Week 4 Previews

Week 4 is here and this is the time where we start getting a better indication where team stands. The top tier defines itself while the other teams fight for jockeying near the top. The games through three weeks have mostly been competitive. Here are previews for week 4:

9 AM: Ballers vs. Elites:

The Ballers came out with a very competitive effort against the talented AK team last week in a close loss. The Elites took their first loss of the season in a very disappointing shutout against the Browns. This is a very important game for both teams. The Ballers can prove that they are closer to the middle of the league with a big win, while the Elites try to prove their case as a top tier team. The keys to victory for the Ballers is to keep it simple. Look for their playmakers early and put pressure on the Elites defense. The Elites best chance to win is to let Anas rip the ball on intermediate and deep throws to expose the safeties of the Ballers. We expect this game to have offense, defense and some big plays down to stretch for a thrilling finish. Elites edge this one out.


Elites 21- Ballers 13


10 AM: Niners vs. Caliphs

The Niners came out last week with their full squad for the first time all season and they looked very dangerous. The Caliphs suffered a very devastating close loss to the talented Ravens in week 3. The Niners have appointed Max as their new QB with talented receivers with various skill sets across the field. The Caliphs only shot is to look at the depth chart and try someone else at QB as ZQ has struggled heavily through two contests. Niners win big.


Niner 34- Caliphs 7


12 PM: Browns vs. Imaan

The Browns have started the early season with a perfect start and a 3-0 record. Imaan has gone the other way and has been winless through 3 contests. Shu, Ken, and DJ among others have made the Browns the consensus number one team. Waqas has done his best to lead a revolving cast of offensive players for Imaan. The results have been mixed with some big Td’s, and also some unfortunate turnovers and drops. Imaan does look like it is starting to gain some continuity on offense while their defense remains a work in progress. The savy Browns will be a bit too much to handle in the matchup of legends (Waqas vs. Shu).


Browns 31- Imaan 20


1 PM: All Day vs. Outsiders

This is THE GAME OF THE WEEK. In a matchup of 2-1 teams both teams are looking to establish themselves among the top teams in this league. All Day suffered their first defeat against the Niners in week 3. The Outsiders won a close contest against Imaan in week 3. The key to the game will be All Day’s defense. Led by Aqib, Adil and veterans like Zain, have made this team’s defense very formidable over the years. They must make it difficult for Danny, Alexi, and especially Nafi to get offense going. We think this game will go down to the final moments with All Day pulling out a big victory.


All Day 27- Outsiders 21

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Week 4 Schedule

9 AM: Ballers vs. Elites

10 AM: Niners vs. Caliphs

12 PM: Browns vs. Imaan

1 PM: All Day vs. Outsiders

*All games at Eisenhower Park

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