Crescent Football League

Every member has a shot.

The Five Questions- Chronicle #5

Team: Imaan


Captain: Fargo

1. How has the season been thus far as a whole – what Grade would you give your team? 

This has been a rough season for team Imaan, as I personally was pulled away to manage other Crescent divisions which prevented me from being on the sidelines.  We started with team turmoil where key players Faizan and Amin left to help form a new team.  Then shortly after, our QB Waqas lost his mom to cancer.  And now the most heartbreaking tragedy struck with the sudden loss of one of our best players in Scott.  Imaan was just starting to gel with the new crew by winning 3 out of 4 to end the season.  The loss of Scott on the field doesn’t compare to the loss his family is dealing with.  May God Protect Us.

The grade I would give is B- considering everything.   But that could change to A+ after the playoffs. 

2. On your team who are the following:

  1. MVP: Scott.  This young man was an absolute physical specimen with speed, skill, and humility.  Too bad we won’t see his skills on display. 
  2. Underrated: Gregg and AJ – These two true blue Imaan guys bring it every game despite injuries anyhow the team needs it.  They are Imaan HOFers and play the game with class. 
  3. Funniest: Me. – that is because I have no other real skills.  AJ is a closed 2nd.

3. As you head into the playoffs, what is the preparation like and which teams really concern you?

We have a lot of veterans – led by Waqas.  He has seen it all in his 50 seasons plus in Crescent (combined all divisions).  However the loss of Scott is truly irreplaceable.  Just ask team Browns how good he was.  Our team will look to John McQuade to step up and handle some of Scott’s responsibilities, as well instill more reps for our young phenom Moe Gunner and the quiet assassin Dus.   Now is the time to come together as a team and win one for Scott. Our only concern at the moment is Team Elites.

4. As a senior CFL member, what is your overall opinion on CFL’s evolution from day 1 and where do you rank CFL amongst the other Crescent Divisions? 

CFL has made strides every season.  And like all organizations we are always looking to improve our product because the Crescent Football Members deserve it, as they promote brotherhood.  An example of dedication – on some days, when his car is not operable, brother Amin of Team Underdogs takes public transportation from NJ to attend CFL games.  That round trip takes about 6 hours of commute time and $60 plus in transportation costs.  Can someone start a gofundme page?

A large portion of the credit goes to Commish Aqib and the Captains who support him by providing good feedback and friendly dialogue.  Special credit goes to Adil who is instrumental in maintaining the operations.  As far as how it ranks compared to other Crescent Divisions – I think it is right up there in terms of membership, structure, and overall quality.  Football is one of the best team sports and because it is played in the fall, the feel will always be special.  I am looking forward to what Aqib has in store for next season.

5. What improvements can the CFL leadership undertake to improve the league?

As I said, CFL has improved every season.  I think we need to continue with parity, make the fields within code every week, and create more opportunities for the lower tier players such as myself, Pulak (yeah Pulak you ain’t elite), and Moody.  But foremost we can always improve the on-field behavior and behave as good sportsman that we all are capable of being.  It is a pleasure to see the diversified group of brothers in CFL.  Shout out to guys like Anas, Moody, Tom, Ken, Harpal, Usman of the Ballers, and so many others who do a lot for CFL.

Lastly, please support Pops for his efforts in helping the Afghan refugees.  If anyone has a initiative they need support on – hit up the commish.

Stay healthy and keep smiling.  Every breath is a privilege.

The Five Questions – Chronicle #4

Team: Browns


Captain: Shu

1.-How has the season been thus far as a whole – what Grade would you give your team?  Any notable changes on the field because of the Covid Pandemic?    Are you glad you are the main QB?

The season has been very good for us overall. We came in first place, which was a genuine surprise. We’ve had some attendance issues and lost two great players for the season early on. So for the team to stay together and fight shows tremendous character. Our team is mostly new guys so everyone buying in and checking their ego at the door has been the key ingredient for our success. I’d give us an A for effort but an incomplete overall (until we win the trophy God willing).

The pandemic hit everyone hard. I lost my dad to Covid last year. It’s been an unprecedented experience for all of us. But the league has done a tremendous job helping all of us get back to some semblance of normalcy. Sitting out last year was, in hindsight, the right call. I’m glad to be part of a league where leadership has everyone’s well being at the forefront and makes sincere efforts to make sure all members have a great experience. 

I feel blessed to still be playing. I turned 46 a couple week ago. I give my teammates a lot of credit for playing hard and making me look better than I am (and also not benching me after one too many pick sixes). We have many QBs on the team so we are in good hands either way.

2.-On your team who are the following:

  1. MVP: DJ and Marion co-MVPs. These brothers are lost for the season but they set the tone for us early on and still contributing with insights and more importantly, jokes.
  2. Underrated: Dex – man of many skills, has been positively contributing all over the field. We ask him to play many things.
  3. Funniest: Pulak – though I have to say he’s not as funny as he thinks. I need to keep his ego in check.

3.-As you head into the playoffs, what is the preparation like and which teams really concern you?

We have a lot of veterans, so we share insights before and during the game with each other to achieve the best results. This works well for us as everyone tries to keep everyone’s attention on winning. Everyone knows their personal stats are meaningless. We’re only about the playoffs and the chip.

The team we play next is our main concern. We have enough intel on everyone to adjust accordingly. 

4.-What is your reaction to Pop’s interview?  He seems to insinuate you were not upfront with him about separating.  Here is your chance to go on record and state your position.

I was happy Bobby had a forum to get out what was on his mind. It’s always good to move forward in my opinion. Me and Bobby spoke over the summer and a few times in between including after his interview posted. We are both at peace, understand each other better, and moving forward. We are both fans of each other and looking to doing good things going forward. 

I would like to plug Bobby’s effort with some disenfranchised members of the community. I know Bobby doesn’t want to advertise this too much so I suggest to everyone to reach out to him directly for more information and see what you can do to help.

5.-As we know, you play in other leagues.  How would you rate CFL as compared to other leagues and what improvements can the CFL leadership make to improve the league?

CFL was always superior to other leagues in camaraderie, though this year it’s the best I have seen it. The product on the field is appreciably better than in past seasons. Almost any team can win. 

CFL leadership made a game changing call putting Aqib at Commissioner. He’s been very easy to work with. He is a visionary who thinks big picture. And he laughs at my jokes. A winner in my book. Aqib and everyone involved should continue to keep the members first, act nobly and fairly when dealing with league matters and just those things alone will separate CFL from everyone else.

As far as the product on the field, I am big proponent on making sure the field is sized according to the rule book. It seems very narrow though this past week the temporary field looked much better. We need to have a big clock visible to all as I and others suspect there is clock shaving by the refs. We need to ditch the pucks and get proper cones.

Everyone be well and good luck Saturday.

The Five Question Chronicle #3

Team: Outsiders

Captain: Pops

Two time CFL champion

1. You had a good season with your team finishing 8-2. Your team still finished 3rd. What does that say about the competition level in the CFL this season? 

 The competition is amazing. There is a lot of new players that are young and very athletic.  Any team can pull an upset and make it interesting. 

 The commissioner is doing a great job with the league. There has never been a time where 6 teams had a shot at first and second place with one game left in the season.  

2. You lost some key players this season before the season started and some players early into the season. What do you have to say about that? 

At the start of the season, I lost my championship defense. Few players left without notification. I had one week to find players to recover.  Nobody told me or the team anything. I was so confused because we were all on good terms and looking forward to the new season. No matter how much the truth hurts, it’s always better than being lied to. You gotta be direct with me, my mind creates too many different scenarios.  I brushed it off because I’m doing charity work and football doesn’t matter. What I was seeing was more important to me. When you forgive, you heal. when you let go, you grow. That’s my motto.

As the season began. Our ship was sinking quickly by the 2nd game, but I felt like that captain on the titanic. Nothing could faze me and I was listening to the band while the Titanic was sinking. I had God telling me to stay focused and everything will be fine.

 When we lost to the Browns. I stood at the sidelines and Blaze came up to me and said Karma is going come back and bite them. Karma is a bitch. I was asking myself, Why is he so confident? It’s almost like he knew what I was thinking and kept walking.

 Nafi, Tj, Sadar, and I stayed at the field until 8 pm that day talking. That loss was not sitting well with us, because Danny threw 2 interceptions in the red zone. We had that game. Earlier that day I saw Tj and Sadar talking to the niners coach so I knew they had the green light to jump on his team. One of the recruiting tactics was telling my players that the Qb drama is not tolerated on his team. We have Pat Mahomes on the niners.

 Fast forward now. It’s worse with the niners and Tj. Tj wasn’t getting the ball like he thought he would. He needs a Qb to trust him. Lol 😆  0 targets to Tj against us. When they should have used his energy to beat us. I saw how badly Tj wanted to win. They watched 2 hours of our previous games studying all night. Tj knew how to beat us and his voice went unheard. He told me he would pick Danny off and ill give him that. But Danny adjusted well and got us a huge win in my opinion. 

 Let me get back to that day after Brown’s loss. Basically, I had a choice.  For me to keep Tj and Sadar I had to drop Danny and his 2 sons. I couldn’t do it. Im big on loyalty, so I let Tj and Sadar walk. My team’s ship was sinking and the sharks were ready to grab any person who was willing to jump ship. The Ravens reached out to Nafi to join. But Nafi and I went through too much to part now. He told me that he is not going anywhere and said, ” I promise you I will get through to Danny”. Nafi and Blaze never gave up on Danny. We all kept drilling into his head. During the season we won some ugly games and there was a lot of frustration.  Behind the scenes, it was really bad as well on the field.  Everyone would yell at my Qb Danny on every play.  My players were complaining that he only throws to his son.  I would be standing there and Blaze would walk by and say Karama a bitch. Watch Pops! Lol, I can’t make this up. I have to tell it like it is. The roof is on fire and this guy is calm like me. We barely have a team and all hes thinking about is Karma. Somehow he knew something and we never lost our composure. While everyone jumped ship. Our core guys stuck it out. In one game we almost let the stat guy play for us. We needed bodies. I believe the turning point for us as a team was the game against Allday. We lost to them and Danny lost it and quit. He took off his cleats and I believed he was done with the team. He started yelling at me after the game. I looked at him and said you address me privately and not in the open like that and if I dont listen then you have every right to yell at me. I said, “Danny do you know I picked you over those guys. I had a choice and I let them walk because of you”. Danny called me that night and apologized. We spoke on the phone and he improved his whole vibe. Ever since that day, Danny shifted his attitude and the way he throws. He is trying to reinvent his game at the age of 57. That’s rare to see. He’s starting to scan the field and throw to all his receivers. In the last 3 games hes been getting everyone involved. Even the older guys. I never realized we have so many old players on our squad. If our team was a transformer. We would transform into an old man in a rocking chair lol 😆 we treat our seniors the best. We had Glueman on top of the world when he was with us. Now hes nowhere to be found. I wished he had never left. 

3. From 1-10 how do you feel about your team?

I feel like an 8 because finally, our team has an identity. It would have been a 10 but I had to minus 2. Christian keeps bumping heads with the captain of the defense and the QB of the team. He needs to fall back and use what the team needs from him and not what he can give the team. Once he does that. He will take his game to the next level in this league. A little progress every day adds up to big results. 

4. What’s the feeling in the locker room after a key win against the Niners?

That feeling was great. We got battle-tested and we responded. Its was Wisdom vs power. Those guys are super athletic and a hard team to beat. We are old but have many experienced players. I believe it took our IQ to win that game. After the game someone was yelling out “he can’t defend nobody” lol, I don’t get it. I shut down your number one receiver. Can I get some credit? People are so mean. I’m 100% playoff-ready and that will be my motivation to go harder in the playoffs. His voice will keep playing in my head. —-Thanks bro—

5. How confident do you feel about your team’s chances of winning a championship?

If we dont win a chip I still feel like we won.  After all the drama we went through and still have a winning record shows a lot. Our story is not over yet. God does not forget the good you do. Nor does he forget the good you did to others and the pain you relieved them from. Nor will He forget the eye which was about to cry, but chose laughter instead. That right there will keep you balanced in any situation. In Sha Allah

Previews Week 9

With just one week of games left to play there is so much on the line. Five different teams can find themselves in first place. At the same time the race for six is heating up with three different teams in play for the 6th spot. This week will be historic!

9 AM- Browns vs. Ravens:

Browns no longer control their own destiny for a number one seed after a tough double header split last week. The Ravens look to get back into action after inactivity. We anticipate the game to stay close in the first half before the Browns show off their savy play to close out a much needed win.


Browns 28– Ravens 13


10 AM- Outsiders vs. Niners:

THIS IS THE GAME OF THE WEEK! What a matchup this will be. The winner has a shot to finish number one on the season while the loser can fall as far as five. This game is big and both teams understand as much. The Niners haven’t lost since week two while the Outsiders haven’t lost since week four. The Niners had a near scare vs the Underdogs last week winning by just two points. The Outsiders dominated in their twin bill last week. We anticipate the Niners jumping to an early lead behind a very strong defense. The Outsiders will counter, but we anticipate them falling short with the Niners bringing home their biggest win of the season.


Niners 20– Outsider 14


10 AM- Caliphs vs. Ballers:

The Caliphs and Ballers are battling for pride and the right to finish as the 10th seed in this matchup. The Ballers struggled heavily last week, while the Caliphs lost a very tight contest to Imaan. These teams will meet again in the widacard round next week so it remains to be seen how much either team will tip their hand. We anticipate the Caliphs to jump out to an early lead and maintaining their advantage throughout the contest.


Caliphs 21– Ballers 12


11 AM- Ravens vs. Elites:

The Ravens are on a second leg of a back to back in this matchup. The Elites come into this contest after a heartbreaking double header sweep from last week. This game potentially has big implications with the winner having a shot at the seventh seed depending on other results. We expect both teams to play for pride as they both started the season well, but have struggled to win consistently since. Our experts predict a tough fight with both teams fighting till the last play. Ravens win in the end.


Ravens 27– Elites 21

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11 AM- Imaan vs. Ballers:

Imaan is coming off two massive wins last week vs. the Elites and the Caliphs. The Ballers are on a second leg of a back to back. Imaan can find itself as high as the 6th seed if it can win both games and get some help. We expect Waqas and crew to find their rhythm early and take care of business vs. the Ballers.


Imaan 34– Ballers 14


12 PM- Browns vs. Underdogs:

 Browns are on the second leg of a back to back. The Underdogs come into this contest losing one score games to the Niners and AK last week. The ‘Dogs have surprised many with their performances last week and need one win to clinch the 6th seed. We expect  this to be one of the closest games of the afternoon with both teams fighting for serious playoff seeding implications. Our experts are predicting a shocking upset with the Underdogs topping the stout Browns.


Underdogs 27– Browns 21

Underdogs - Underdogs Logo, HD Png Download - kindpng

12 PM- AK vs. All Day:

AK and All Day both come into this game with the hopes of finishing the season as the 1st seed. This a matchup that features the number one ranked offense vs. the number one ranked defense. We expect AK to throw off All Day’s offense early before the All Day boys find their rhythm later in the contest. Ultimately AK’s offensive talent plus its defense will be too much for All Day.


AK 27– All Day 20

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1 PM- AK vs. Imaan:

Both teams will be on the second leg of a back to back. There will likely be a lot for both teams to play for in this contest. We anticipate the Imaan offense struggling to slice and dice the tough defense of AK. AK wins comfortably.


AK 28– Imaan 14

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1 PM- Underdogs vs. All Day:

Both teams are on the 2nd leg of a back to back. This game is an interesting matchup with some former All Day players playing against their former team. The key question is can the young ‘Dogs keep up with the potent All Day offense? We expect All Day to jump out to an early lead before the Underdogs rally. All Day closes out the contest with a huge win.


All Day 34– Underdogs 27

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Final Week Scenarios

Team: Niners


Current rankings: 1

Best possible finish: 1

Optimal Scenario: Win vs. Outsiders & one loss by Browns

Team: Outsiders

Outsiders Logos

Current rankings: 2

Best possible finish: 1

Optimal Scenario: Win vs Niners & one Browns loss & one All Day loss

Team: AK

Abstract Letter Ak Logo Design Idea Stock Illustrations – 183 Abstract  Letter Ak Logo Design Idea Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart -  Dreamstime

Current rankings: 3

Best possible finish: 1

Optimal Scenario: Win vs. Imaan & win vs. All Day & Browns win vs. Ravens & Browns win vs. Underdogs & lower points allowed then Browns & Niners vs. Outsiders winner.

Team: All Day

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Current rankings: 4

Best possible finish: 1

Optimal Scenario: Win vs. AK & win vs. Underdogs & Outsiders beat Niners & Browns lose one game

Team: Browns


Current rankings: 5

Best possible finish: 1

Optimal scenario: Win vs. Ravens & win vs. Underdogs & one AK loss & one All Day loss

Team: Underdogs

Underdogs - Underdogs Logo, HD Png Download - kindpng

Current rankings: 6

Best possible finish: 4

Optimal Scenario: Win vs. All Day & win vs. Browns & Browns lose to Ravens & All day loses to AK

Team: Ravens

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Current rankings: 7

Best possible finish: 6

Optimal Scenario: Win vs. Browns & Win vs. Elites & Underdogs lose both games

Team: Imaan


Current rankings: 8

Best possible finish: 6

Optimal Scenario: Win vs. AK & win vs. Ballers & Underdogs lose both games & Ravens lose one game

Team: Elites


Current rankings: 9

Best possible finish: 7

Optimal Scenario: Win vs. Ravens & Imaan loses both games

Team: Caliphs


Current rankings: 10

Best possible finish: 10

Optimal Scenario: Win vs. Ballers

Team: Ballers


Current rankings: 11

Best possible finish: 10

Optimal scenario: Ballers win vs. Caliphs

Recaps week 8

Final Scores:

Browns 32– Ballers 6

Imaan 26– Elites 24

All Day (win via forfeit) – Ravens

Niners 20– Underdogs 18

Outsiders 40– Ballers 0

Imaan 27– Caliphs 21

Outsiders 33- Elites 7

AK 27– Underdogs 20

AK 39- Brown 26

Previews Week 8

9 AM – Browns vs. Ballers:

This is the battle of the first place team and the last place team. The Ballers have been off for the last two weeks and return this weekend. The Browns have shown their strengths this season. We expect the Browns to start strong in one sided win for the champs.


Browns 34– Ballers 7


9 AM- Imaan vs. Elites:

 Both teams come into this matchup in a slump the past few weeks. We anticipate both teams to show resilience and fight as this game is very winnable for both sides. The key to victory for Imaan will be to avoid turnovers and trust the defense. For the Elites the key will be to put Anas back in as QB as he has shown the most composure. We are predicting a minor upset with Imaan bringing home a big win.


Imaan 27– Elites 20


10 AM- All Day vs. Ravens:

All Day comes into this matchup with a huge one-sided win vs. the Elites last week. The Ravens come into this matchup losing two games against the Niners and AK. The key to victory for the Ravens will be to attack All Day’s defense right off the bat. Getting behind against All Day is a tough hill to climb because of their prolific offense. We expect the Ravens to hang close before All Day opens it up.


All Day 34- Ravens 20

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10 AM- Underdogs vs. Niners:

 The Underdogs split their two contests last week. The Niners won their double header in convincing fashion last week. The Underdogs best shot to victory is to slow down the Niners offense. The Niners defense has given teams problems and playing a shootout will not happen. We expect the ‘dogs to stay in this game before the Niners take control.


Niners 26– Underdogs 13


11 AM- Outsiders vs. Ballers:

The Outsiders come in on a hot streak after a clean sweep of their double header last week. The Ballers are on a second leg of a back to back. The Ballers only shot in this contest is to force turnovers and crack the mental psyche of the Outsiders. We expect the Outsiders to handle business.


Outsiders 28- Ballers 7

Outsiders Logos

11 AM- Imaan vs. Caliphs:

Imaan comes into this contest on a second leg of a back to back. Caliphs come into this game off two losses last week. We expect this to be a great game with both sides making big plays. The key to victory for the Caliphs will be if Musaib can continue to make good decisions with the football. We believe this game comes down to the last play with the Caliphs securing a huge win.


Caliphs 20– Imaan 19


12 PM- Elites vs. Outsiders:

Both teams are on the second leg of a back to back. The Elites have a slight advantage as they are the younger team. We expect this game to be close in the 1st half before the Outsiders take control in the 2nd half of this contest.


Outsiders 27– Elites 13

Outsiders Logos

12 PM-Underdogs vs. AK:

Underdogs are on the second leg of a back to back. AK comes into this contest winning both of their games last week. The Underdogs must force turnovers against the dangerous AK offense led by Sim to have a chance. We expect this game to stay close before AK puts away the young ‘dogs late in the 2nd half.


AK 27- Underdogs 14

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1 PM- AK vs. Browns:

THIS IS THE GAME OF THE WEEK. Two very strong teams face off in a big contest for CFL pride. Both teams will be on the second leg of a back to back. Browns best side of the ball has been offense, while AK’s best side has been their defense. We expect a low scoring first half with the game opening up more in the second half. Our experts predict an upset with AK knocking off the Browns.


AK 20– Browns 14

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The Five Question Chronicles: #2

The Five Question Chronicles will feature a simple Q&A with each captain so the CFL community can get a flavor of each team. Enjoy.

Captain/Team Leader: Hargy Singh Team: AK47

  1. How would you grade your teams performance thus far? C. We are playing very average. Hopefully we can hit our stride soon.
  2. On your team who are the following:
    1. MVP: Simba
    2. Underrated: Phil
    3. Funniest: Harpal
  3. Who are the top 5 teams in CFL right now? Browns, Niners, All Day, Outsiders, AK47
  4. What improvements can the league make? Make a straight field. Use a cone instead of a puck. Should prolong the game time.
  5. What changes does your team need to make to contend for a championship this season? We just need everyone to attend and on time.

Feel free to express your opinions on the above on the CFL Group Chat on WhatsApp where its always popping.

Recap Week 7

On a rainy day with eight games on tab the games didn’t disappoint. The Outsiders continued their winning ways. Beating the Underdogs in a tight contest before comfortably beating the fighting Caliphs. The Underdogs scored a big win over the Elites. While All Day strengthened their CFL standing with a one sided win over the Elites. The Browns beat the Caliphs convincingly. The Niners beat Imaan and the Ravens. AK closed out a rainy Saturday with a key win over the Ravens.

Final Scores:

Outsiders 28- Underdogs 19

All Day 46- Elites 6

Outsiders 19- Caliphs 7

Underdogs 27- Elites 14

Niners 34- Imaan 7

Browns 39- Caliphs 19

Niners 32- Ravens 20

AK 28- Ravens 13

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