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CFL Elite Super Saturday Previews and Predictions

The regular season came to an end with a bang. The Halal Bros ended All Day’s perfect season to draw the season series to 1-1. Will they meet again? The legacy franchises like Imaan and the Niners struggled to put together a consistent roster that was competitive and fell near the bottom of the standings. The team at the bottom, the Underdogs, were a mess with injuries and lacked commitment. Two surprise teams the Ballers and Caliphs showed they are going to be a tough out come playoff time. Finally, AK sits in the wings as a legitimate contender without any pressure to win it all. CFL Super Saturday is here.

9 AM (Field A) – Caliphs vs Ballers:

Both teams have shown some serious fight and progress all season long. The Ballers have seen a complete turn around led by the strong leadership of Usman and excellent play of Umair. The Caliphs themselves have shown to be very impressive competing with the best in the league and winning some big games. Led by ZQ, Zobi, Moose, and more this team will prove to be a tough out. We expect a frenetic start with both teams amped up for a huge game. In the end we see the Caliphs pulling out a win and advancing to the second round.

Score Prediction:

Caliphs 27- Ballers 21

9 AM (Field B)- Niners vs AK:

Historically the Niners have always gotten their act together, but this year Moody has struggled to get a cohesive and consistent unit. Missing former league mvp’s and DPOY the Niners have faltered week in and week out. On the other side AK started slow, but has now put together successive wins at the right time. With the Niners having an inconsistent roster we just don’t see how they can compete against this strong AK team. However will there be a surprise from Moody’s team? We expect AK to win comfortably.

Score Predictions:

AK 26- Niners 13

10 AM (Field A) – Halal Bros vs Underdogs:

The Halal Bros ended All Day’s perfect season to cap the regular season. A similar team led by Pops ended the Underdogs season last year in the playoffs. Halal Bros have it all. An excellent QB, great receivers, a strong defensive unit, and championship aspirations. The Underdogs are the complete opposite. They don’t have a good offense or defense and have failed to put together a consistent roster. This may very well be the least competitive game on Super Saturday.

Score Prediction:

Halal Bros 34– Underdogs 13

10 AM (Field B) – All Day vs Imaan:

All Day had a magical season and came so close to a perfect season. The defending Champs won’t mind the loss as long as they can get back to another finals. Led by the excellent play of Yash, Joel, Cal, and many others this team found a way to improve from their championship season. Imaan has proven to be a weak team without consistent leadership and discipline. We expect this game to be one sided.

Score Prediction:

All Day 28– Imaan 14

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