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Finals Prediction

We have officially reached the finals! After a wild day on CFL super Saturday two teams shined brighter then the rest (All Day & Ravens). Let’s take a quick look at their journey to the finals before we look into the matchup.

Ravens: The Ravens had a very tough path to the finals. They first beat the Caliphs comfortably. They next had to face the number one seed in the Browns. The two teams were in a battle for the ages before a late stop against the Browns secured the victory. Against the Niners they faced another test. They went up by multiple scores only to see the Niners come back and take the lead. A late TD with just seconds left sealed the win and a trip to the finals.

All Day: All Day faced Imaan in their first game. This game was chippy, but the result was very lopsided in favor of All Day. In the semifinals All Day faced a serious test against the Outsiders. All Day was down 14-7 late without the ball. They were able to stop the Outsiders and get the ball back, and they forced overtime. In overtime they were able to clinch the win and a berth in the finals.

Ravens vs. All Day- 9 AM @ Bay Park:

Both teams make their first trip to the finals. The community has been very split on this matchup as both teams have a very good shot to win this contest. All Day comes in as the more polished team full of explosive offensive talent. Led by Yash this team had the best offense all season and a defense that showed steady improvement. The Ravens have always shown great talent as evidenced by their 3-0 start early in the season. Tough stretches without key players really straddled this team’s record. The return of key guys on top of the terrific leadership of Ihsan and the accurate QB play of Wally has gotten this team to this stage. There are a few arguments for both sides with the Ravens more battled tested with some tougher competition in the playoffs. While for All Day they have been the better team throughout the course of the season. One thing that can’t be used as a comparison is head to head play as these two teams didn’t play against each other (All day win via forfeit). If the game were played on Super Saturday the Ravens would have had an even better chance. With the game two Saturday’s later with the momentum no longer in the Ravens favor I beleive All Day will come out on top.

All Day 27– Ravens 20

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