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Community Predictions

I think itll Come down to which qb will be able to Move the ball down field. All Day. 26-20

ZQ – Team Caliphs

I gotta go with All Day, they’ve been stout all season, well balanced team. As long as they are able to slow down (Tyreek Hill), they’ll win 27-20

Azmath – Team Caliphs

First off Congrats to both teams for achieving a trip to the finals. It is never easy as there are attendance issues, fee collection, and staying healthy. Congrats to Captain Yash and Captain Ishan.

As far as the game goes – I like team Ravens. They have a swagger which will be the difference maker. All Day has great balance and will hold the lead but the Ravens are just oblivious to conventionality and will prevail. 26-24 Ravens.

— Fargo. Team Imaan

I have Team All Day. More talented and experienced team. Although it is unbelievable that team Ravens kept it together after all the adversity at the QB position and attendance issues. They have 2 unbelievable players.

All Day 33-27.

-Waqas. QB/Co-Captain Team Imaan

I got the Ravens coming out on top if they have there whole team, All day will have to tighten up the defense and Yash will have to make throws in tight spots if the Ravens play man, X factor will be Cal for All day and Jordan for the Ravens as they are both beasts on both sides of the ball. If the ravens can slow down the all day offense I see them coming out on top in a close one 33-30.

-Talha, Team Browns

Great matchup. Gonna come down to last minute drive. Think Ravens will win.

Razi – Crescent Goat. Team Caliphs

Two well deserving teams. My prediction is ALL DAY 26


-Danny, Team Outsiders

I like the Ravens in a close one over All Day.. 21-20

Mark. Team Underdogs.

This years CFL finals features the two hottest teams and not necessarily the two best teams. In my opinion this will be a high scoring game with a lot of buckets. My guy Jordan on the ravens who I’ve been playing basketball with since we were 8 years old lol has the best hands on the field and his quarterback is very confident and poise. However, All day does not have a weakness and will slice up the medium level defense that the ravens possess. At the end, it will be a goodie but all day will come out on top. Final Score 26-19 All Day

Abdel – Team Niners

The only team I care about is my team. I am only giving this prediction cause my dad forced me.

I got Ravens by 4.

Fahad. Team Underdogs

I’m over 60 yrs old and better than most of these guys. Mashallah. I like All Day over the Ravens. Congrats to both teams.

All Day 30, Ravens 25

Amin – Team Underdogs

I’m going with the Ravens. Great team with good energy. All Day nasty good as well though.

Ravens 32, All Day 26. OT

Faizan. QB, Underdogs

Two solid teams. If ravens got whole squad. They will win.


Nafi, Team Outsiders

I think all day will win 28 to 21.

Al aka Glueman. Team Niners

I got all day 26-13

-Aadil aka Squirrel. – Free Agent

It’s a fool’s errand to forecast the future. Having gotten the disclaimer out of the way, if its a methodical game by both teams, I’d favor All Day. If it resorts to street ball I’d favor the Ravens. My gut tells me Ravens make a big defensive play early and that’s the difference. Ravens look like a team of destiny. My prediction right, or your money back: Ravens 32, All Day 27.

Shu, Team Browns

Ravens 27-21

-Ken. Team Browns

I’m no expert. If ravens play like they did 2 weeks ago I see an upset.

Ravens 33
All Day 27

Sohel. Team Elites

All Day: 35
Ravens: 20

Anas. Team Elites

I’m going with All Day in a close game 21-20. Yash runs an offense that should give the Ravens trouble. The use of the guy in the back field will force the Ravens to adjust on D which should open up what Yash wants to do. I expect a competitive game coming down to a missed extra point being the difference.

-Rob. Team Browns

Let’s go 27-26 all day

-Mango, AK47

Ravens 26 All day 20

-Moody- Captain, Niners

All Day 32-19

-Josh, Niners

All day over ravens I feel like ravens don’t have enough team chemistry yet. High scoring game from both teams.

-Nabil- Stat keeper

I predict All Day will win as they have been consistent all season. All Day 34- Ravens 19

-Adil, Underdogs

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