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The Five Questions- Chronicle #5

Team: Imaan


Captain: Fargo

1. How has the season been thus far as a whole – what Grade would you give your team? 

This has been a rough season for team Imaan, as I personally was pulled away to manage other Crescent divisions which prevented me from being on the sidelines.  We started with team turmoil where key players Faizan and Amin left to help form a new team.  Then shortly after, our QB Waqas lost his mom to cancer.  And now the most heartbreaking tragedy struck with the sudden loss of one of our best players in Scott.  Imaan was just starting to gel with the new crew by winning 3 out of 4 to end the season.  The loss of Scott on the field doesn’t compare to the loss his family is dealing with.  May God Protect Us.

The grade I would give is B- considering everything.   But that could change to A+ after the playoffs. 

2. On your team who are the following:

  1. MVP: Scott.  This young man was an absolute physical specimen with speed, skill, and humility.  Too bad we won’t see his skills on display. 
  2. Underrated: Gregg and AJ – These two true blue Imaan guys bring it every game despite injuries anyhow the team needs it.  They are Imaan HOFers and play the game with class. 
  3. Funniest: Me. – that is because I have no other real skills.  AJ is a closed 2nd.

3. As you head into the playoffs, what is the preparation like and which teams really concern you?

We have a lot of veterans – led by Waqas.  He has seen it all in his 50 seasons plus in Crescent (combined all divisions).  However the loss of Scott is truly irreplaceable.  Just ask team Browns how good he was.  Our team will look to John McQuade to step up and handle some of Scott’s responsibilities, as well instill more reps for our young phenom Moe Gunner and the quiet assassin Dus.   Now is the time to come together as a team and win one for Scott. Our only concern at the moment is Team Elites.

4. As a senior CFL member, what is your overall opinion on CFL’s evolution from day 1 and where do you rank CFL amongst the other Crescent Divisions? 

CFL has made strides every season.  And like all organizations we are always looking to improve our product because the Crescent Football Members deserve it, as they promote brotherhood.  An example of dedication – on some days, when his car is not operable, brother Amin of Team Underdogs takes public transportation from NJ to attend CFL games.  That round trip takes about 6 hours of commute time and $60 plus in transportation costs.  Can someone start a gofundme page?

A large portion of the credit goes to Commish Aqib and the Captains who support him by providing good feedback and friendly dialogue.  Special credit goes to Adil who is instrumental in maintaining the operations.  As far as how it ranks compared to other Crescent Divisions – I think it is right up there in terms of membership, structure, and overall quality.  Football is one of the best team sports and because it is played in the fall, the feel will always be special.  I am looking forward to what Aqib has in store for next season.

5. What improvements can the CFL leadership undertake to improve the league?

As I said, CFL has improved every season.  I think we need to continue with parity, make the fields within code every week, and create more opportunities for the lower tier players such as myself, Pulak (yeah Pulak you ain’t elite), and Moody.  But foremost we can always improve the on-field behavior and behave as good sportsman that we all are capable of being.  It is a pleasure to see the diversified group of brothers in CFL.  Shout out to guys like Anas, Moody, Tom, Ken, Harpal, Usman of the Ballers, and so many others who do a lot for CFL.

Lastly, please support Pops for his efforts in helping the Afghan refugees.  If anyone has a initiative they need support on – hit up the commish.

Stay healthy and keep smiling.  Every breath is a privilege.

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