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The Five Questions – Chronicle #4

Team: Browns


Captain: Shu

1.-How has the season been thus far as a whole – what Grade would you give your team?  Any notable changes on the field because of the Covid Pandemic?    Are you glad you are the main QB?

The season has been very good for us overall. We came in first place, which was a genuine surprise. We’ve had some attendance issues and lost two great players for the season early on. So for the team to stay together and fight shows tremendous character. Our team is mostly new guys so everyone buying in and checking their ego at the door has been the key ingredient for our success. I’d give us an A for effort but an incomplete overall (until we win the trophy God willing).

The pandemic hit everyone hard. I lost my dad to Covid last year. It’s been an unprecedented experience for all of us. But the league has done a tremendous job helping all of us get back to some semblance of normalcy. Sitting out last year was, in hindsight, the right call. I’m glad to be part of a league where leadership has everyone’s well being at the forefront and makes sincere efforts to make sure all members have a great experience. 

I feel blessed to still be playing. I turned 46 a couple week ago. I give my teammates a lot of credit for playing hard and making me look better than I am (and also not benching me after one too many pick sixes). We have many QBs on the team so we are in good hands either way.

2.-On your team who are the following:

  1. MVP: DJ and Marion co-MVPs. These brothers are lost for the season but they set the tone for us early on and still contributing with insights and more importantly, jokes.
  2. Underrated: Dex – man of many skills, has been positively contributing all over the field. We ask him to play many things.
  3. Funniest: Pulak – though I have to say he’s not as funny as he thinks. I need to keep his ego in check.

3.-As you head into the playoffs, what is the preparation like and which teams really concern you?

We have a lot of veterans, so we share insights before and during the game with each other to achieve the best results. This works well for us as everyone tries to keep everyone’s attention on winning. Everyone knows their personal stats are meaningless. We’re only about the playoffs and the chip.

The team we play next is our main concern. We have enough intel on everyone to adjust accordingly. 

4.-What is your reaction to Pop’s interview?  He seems to insinuate you were not upfront with him about separating.  Here is your chance to go on record and state your position.

I was happy Bobby had a forum to get out what was on his mind. It’s always good to move forward in my opinion. Me and Bobby spoke over the summer and a few times in between including after his interview posted. We are both at peace, understand each other better, and moving forward. We are both fans of each other and looking to doing good things going forward. 

I would like to plug Bobby’s effort with some disenfranchised members of the community. I know Bobby doesn’t want to advertise this too much so I suggest to everyone to reach out to him directly for more information and see what you can do to help.

5.-As we know, you play in other leagues.  How would you rate CFL as compared to other leagues and what improvements can the CFL leadership make to improve the league?

CFL was always superior to other leagues in camaraderie, though this year it’s the best I have seen it. The product on the field is appreciably better than in past seasons. Almost any team can win. 

CFL leadership made a game changing call putting Aqib at Commissioner. He’s been very easy to work with. He is a visionary who thinks big picture. And he laughs at my jokes. A winner in my book. Aqib and everyone involved should continue to keep the members first, act nobly and fairly when dealing with league matters and just those things alone will separate CFL from everyone else.

As far as the product on the field, I am big proponent on making sure the field is sized according to the rule book. It seems very narrow though this past week the temporary field looked much better. We need to have a big clock visible to all as I and others suspect there is clock shaving by the refs. We need to ditch the pucks and get proper cones.

Everyone be well and good luck Saturday.

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