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The Five Question Chronicle #3

Team: Outsiders

Captain: Pops

Two time CFL champion

1. You had a good season with your team finishing 8-2. Your team still finished 3rd. What does that say about the competition level in the CFL this season? 

 The competition is amazing. There is a lot of new players that are young and very athletic.  Any team can pull an upset and make it interesting. 

 The commissioner is doing a great job with the league. There has never been a time where 6 teams had a shot at first and second place with one game left in the season.  

2. You lost some key players this season before the season started and some players early into the season. What do you have to say about that? 

At the start of the season, I lost my championship defense. Few players left without notification. I had one week to find players to recover.  Nobody told me or the team anything. I was so confused because we were all on good terms and looking forward to the new season. No matter how much the truth hurts, it’s always better than being lied to. You gotta be direct with me, my mind creates too many different scenarios.  I brushed it off because I’m doing charity work and football doesn’t matter. What I was seeing was more important to me. When you forgive, you heal. when you let go, you grow. That’s my motto.

As the season began. Our ship was sinking quickly by the 2nd game, but I felt like that captain on the titanic. Nothing could faze me and I was listening to the band while the Titanic was sinking. I had God telling me to stay focused and everything will be fine.

 When we lost to the Browns. I stood at the sidelines and Blaze came up to me and said Karma is going come back and bite them. Karma is a bitch. I was asking myself, Why is he so confident? It’s almost like he knew what I was thinking and kept walking.

 Nafi, Tj, Sadar, and I stayed at the field until 8 pm that day talking. That loss was not sitting well with us, because Danny threw 2 interceptions in the red zone. We had that game. Earlier that day I saw Tj and Sadar talking to the niners coach so I knew they had the green light to jump on his team. One of the recruiting tactics was telling my players that the Qb drama is not tolerated on his team. We have Pat Mahomes on the niners.

 Fast forward now. It’s worse with the niners and Tj. Tj wasn’t getting the ball like he thought he would. He needs a Qb to trust him. Lol 😆  0 targets to Tj against us. When they should have used his energy to beat us. I saw how badly Tj wanted to win. They watched 2 hours of our previous games studying all night. Tj knew how to beat us and his voice went unheard. He told me he would pick Danny off and ill give him that. But Danny adjusted well and got us a huge win in my opinion. 

 Let me get back to that day after Brown’s loss. Basically, I had a choice.  For me to keep Tj and Sadar I had to drop Danny and his 2 sons. I couldn’t do it. Im big on loyalty, so I let Tj and Sadar walk. My team’s ship was sinking and the sharks were ready to grab any person who was willing to jump ship. The Ravens reached out to Nafi to join. But Nafi and I went through too much to part now. He told me that he is not going anywhere and said, ” I promise you I will get through to Danny”. Nafi and Blaze never gave up on Danny. We all kept drilling into his head. During the season we won some ugly games and there was a lot of frustration.  Behind the scenes, it was really bad as well on the field.  Everyone would yell at my Qb Danny on every play.  My players were complaining that he only throws to his son.  I would be standing there and Blaze would walk by and say Karama a bitch. Watch Pops! Lol, I can’t make this up. I have to tell it like it is. The roof is on fire and this guy is calm like me. We barely have a team and all hes thinking about is Karma. Somehow he knew something and we never lost our composure. While everyone jumped ship. Our core guys stuck it out. In one game we almost let the stat guy play for us. We needed bodies. I believe the turning point for us as a team was the game against Allday. We lost to them and Danny lost it and quit. He took off his cleats and I believed he was done with the team. He started yelling at me after the game. I looked at him and said you address me privately and not in the open like that and if I dont listen then you have every right to yell at me. I said, “Danny do you know I picked you over those guys. I had a choice and I let them walk because of you”. Danny called me that night and apologized. We spoke on the phone and he improved his whole vibe. Ever since that day, Danny shifted his attitude and the way he throws. He is trying to reinvent his game at the age of 57. That’s rare to see. He’s starting to scan the field and throw to all his receivers. In the last 3 games hes been getting everyone involved. Even the older guys. I never realized we have so many old players on our squad. If our team was a transformer. We would transform into an old man in a rocking chair lol 😆 we treat our seniors the best. We had Glueman on top of the world when he was with us. Now hes nowhere to be found. I wished he had never left. 

3. From 1-10 how do you feel about your team?

I feel like an 8 because finally, our team has an identity. It would have been a 10 but I had to minus 2. Christian keeps bumping heads with the captain of the defense and the QB of the team. He needs to fall back and use what the team needs from him and not what he can give the team. Once he does that. He will take his game to the next level in this league. A little progress every day adds up to big results. 

4. What’s the feeling in the locker room after a key win against the Niners?

That feeling was great. We got battle-tested and we responded. Its was Wisdom vs power. Those guys are super athletic and a hard team to beat. We are old but have many experienced players. I believe it took our IQ to win that game. After the game someone was yelling out “he can’t defend nobody” lol, I don’t get it. I shut down your number one receiver. Can I get some credit? People are so mean. I’m 100% playoff-ready and that will be my motivation to go harder in the playoffs. His voice will keep playing in my head. —-Thanks bro—

5. How confident do you feel about your team’s chances of winning a championship?

If we dont win a chip I still feel like we won.  After all the drama we went through and still have a winning record shows a lot. Our story is not over yet. God does not forget the good you do. Nor does he forget the good you did to others and the pain you relieved them from. Nor will He forget the eye which was about to cry, but chose laughter instead. That right there will keep you balanced in any situation. In Sha Allah

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