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The Five Question Chronicles: #2

The Five Question Chronicles will feature a simple Q&A with each captain so the CFL community can get a flavor of each team. Enjoy.

Captain/Team Leader: Hargy Singh Team: AK47

  1. How would you grade your teams performance thus far? C. We are playing very average. Hopefully we can hit our stride soon.
  2. On your team who are the following:
    1. MVP: Simba
    2. Underrated: Phil
    3. Funniest: Harpal
  3. Who are the top 5 teams in CFL right now? Browns, Niners, All Day, Outsiders, AK47
  4. What improvements can the league make? Make a straight field. Use a cone instead of a puck. Should prolong the game time.
  5. What changes does your team need to make to contend for a championship this season? We just need everyone to attend and on time.

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