Crescent Football League

Every member has a shot.

Recap Week 7

On a rainy day with eight games on tab the games didn’t disappoint. The Outsiders continued their winning ways. Beating the Underdogs in a tight contest before comfortably beating the fighting Caliphs. The Underdogs scored a big win over the Elites. While All Day strengthened their CFL standing with a one sided win over the Elites. The Browns beat the Caliphs convincingly. The Niners beat Imaan and the Ravens. AK closed out a rainy Saturday with a key win over the Ravens.

Final Scores:

Outsiders 28- Underdogs 19

All Day 46- Elites 6

Outsiders 19- Caliphs 7

Underdogs 27- Elites 14

Niners 34- Imaan 7

Browns 39- Caliphs 19

Niners 32- Ravens 20

AK 28- Ravens 13

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