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Season 4 Finals Preview

The Game: Season 4 Finals

The Teams: Browns vs. The Replacements

The Schedule: 10:30 am, Saturday December 8, 2018

The Place: Martin Van Buren High School – Turf Football Field 

The Tagline: For the CHIP!

CFL  season four started with nine teams. Now only two remain. Number one vs number two. Defending champs vs former champs. Two finals appearances vs three final appearances. Not only is there a lot at stake for the players on both squads, but also for the two franchises involved. Before we get into the finals preview here is a little bit of a background on both teams.
The Browns: This franchise joined the CFL in season one. They won the first title in CFL history, and followed that up with a second final appearance in season two. They once again return to the finals in season four. Although there has been a lot of different players through the four years, they have a few familiar faces that have led the charge.
The Replacements: This franchise joined the CFL in season three. They capped an unbeaten run by winning the title and finishing 11-0 last year. They once again return to the finals this year.
CFL Season 4 Finals Preview:
The Replacements enter the finals as the defending champs. They are looking to become the first team to repeat in CFL up history. On the other hand, the Browns coming into the finals are looking to become the first team in CFL history to collect their second championship. With a lot at stake let’s look into the match up more closely.
The first time these two teams met the Replacements handled the Browns with ease (20-6). The captain of the Browns promises that this time around that will not be the case.
Here are the keys to a Browns victory:
1. Hit the Replacements early. The defending champs have faced very few holes in their two years in the league. Put them in an unfamiliar spot.
2. Make a firm commitment to your starting QB. The Browns have committed to Mark who has played great football. He has the ability to hoist up the trophy at the end of Saturday’s game. At the same time the Brown’s have a CFL championship QB sitting on their bench. Make a judgement call and start the guy who gives you the best chance to win.
3. Give the Replacements different looks on defense. As good as the Replacements defense has been, their offense has been a few notches below. Show Suhail different looks and force him to make quick reads.
Here are the keys to a Relacements victory:
1. Put pressure on the QB early and often. If that is Mark force him to think, and this will cause him to think about every play instead of playing with instinct. If this is Shu it will throw of his timing on his signature plays.
2. Let Suhail do his thing on offense. Suhail has made some big plays on offense this season. He has peppered his targets around to a strong supporting cast(Jeff,Max,Omar). Stick to the usual offensive game plan.
3. Continue to utilize your defense to create offense. The Replacements have done a great job of creating turnovers into points.
Ultimately this is a very tough matchup to pick. Both teams have many playmakers on both sides of the ball. You know the intensity will be high, and so will the emotions. No team has a clear advantage in experience as both teams have championship pedigree. Our experts will look to the Replacements regular season win and put plenty of weight behind that. Who will ultimately lift CFL’s season four trophy? Replacements win in a thriller!
Replacements 27- 19   reps


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