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Finals Predictions from around the Community


Finals Predictions from the Crescent Community



Well here it is.  Who will be the first ever dynasty in CFL.  Both teams have one chip and another win will cement them as the first ever to win multiple chips.  Browns are experienced and a tough squad.  But most of the Replacements were my teammates for a few years and I know those boys are tough and smart.  Hard to pick against a team that had 1 loss in the past two regular seasons and a roster that has only seen 3 Losses in over 35 games in CFL !!!.  As my teams always lose to the eventual Champs every season in semis, I don’t see that trend changing:  Replacement will win!  – Waqas, Captain of Sonics


I select Replacements to win a close game.  Even without Omar as QB, I see these guys with great team chemistry which will hard to beat.  The Browns may have a little more talent overall but the Replacements already have proved they can win a contested championship game and I think nothing can rattle these guys.  – Moody, Captain of Niners.


Tough call. I like the Replacements to win 28-25.  –Amin, Imaan


I predict Replacements, as their team chemistry is too good.  – Omar Khan, Sonics


I like the Replacements to win it in a close game.  –Shabhan, Imaan


Both teams are solid.  I like the Browns.  –AJ, Imaan


Congratulations to both teams making it to the finals, as it is never easy in any league or division to reach the finals because there are so many factors that must go your way like attendance, injuries, league politics, etc.  Objectively I see the Browns winning.  Go GLUEMAN –Fargo, Imaan


Browns.  –Gregg, Imaan


Replacements will prevail.  –Fayzan, Imaan


I think the Replacements are a tough team and still No. 1.  However, I cannot go against my brother Nafi in the clutch.  I will take the Browns over the Replacements.   –Sayem Khan, Season 2 Champ, Dream Team


Replacement will Win.  – Apron, Sonics


Replacements will win is my guess. – Omar, Sonics


Replacements will defeat Browns 27-21 and repeat as champions.  The Replacements will pick off the QB twice while Jeff wins MVP. – Tayeb, Sleepers CFL Team,


I think the Browns will win.  The Replacements have not been playing up to their potential.  –  Shamshi, Falcons Captain


Replacements and Browns.  What a contest!  We rarely get to see a no. 1 seed versus a no. 2 seed.  The two teams have been neck and neck but to me the Replacements have the edge.  Year in year out this team  have barely seen defeat.  The key to this game will be Nafi and the Browns defense.  Can the Browns hold down the Replacements?  I do not think so.  – Commish Aqib


The Replacements have a lot of speed on offense, which may be too much for the aging Browns.  Will definitely be a close game.  I will take Replacements.  – Usman, Captain of the Ballers


I like the Replacements in a close game. Last year’s Finals will prepare them for this week.  – Adil, All Day



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