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5 Final Questions for the Captains

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Congratulations on making it to the finals!

Here are five questions the community would like to know:
1. Tell me a little bit about your team Suhail? Coming into the season how did you feel about your team? How do you feel about it now?
We are the defending champion Replacements , Last year coming off of a undefeated season I felt great going into this season . We brought back the same team plus a great addition in ZQ. I feel more confident in the team we have now then I did last year , we got that extra year under the belt .
2. What side of the ball would you consider your strongest (offense or defense)?
I would definitely say our defense . Our defense has been stellar all year ,I believe we gave single digit points per game this year and that is something to be proud of especially in a non contact flag football year . There has been times where we have struggled offensively but the defense has always stepped up and picked up the slack .
3. What do you consider a turning point for your team this season? If there is no true turning point, what do you consider a vital moment for your team this season?
A turning point for us I would say was the regular season game against the Niners that we lost . It had been our first loss as a team in two seasons and it was a humbling experience for us . It was better we got it out of the way when the stakes were a lot lower and our team learned a lot
From that game .
4. Who is the leader of your team? Who implements some of the weekly strategy?
I would say Omar is the leader of our team . He has a very high IQ when it comes to the game of football. But as far as strategy most of the people on the team give their weekly input and most of what everyone says gets implemented.
5. Your team beat the Browns in the regular season. What did you learn from that contest? Are their certain take aways from that game that will put you  in a position to win again?
To be honest We did not learn much from that game .. They were exactly who we thought they were .. come Saturday we will win AGAIN.
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