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Post Season Previews, Season 4

CFL’s most exciting week is here! This weeks game will be played  at Martin Van Buren HS. We will see the wild card play in game (8th seed vs 9th seed), first round, and semi-finals. Here is the playoff roundup:
Wild card game, 8:20 am, Field 1
Imaan IMG-20170930-WA0007vs. TNW:nightssss
Both teams will enter into this contest with the hopes of playing the Replacements in the first round. For Imaan the recipe has to be playing smart football. They definitely are a talented bunch, but inconsistencies on both sides of the football have been their biggest downfall. For TNW it’s as simple as making plays. This group has shown potential in pinches, but has failed to bring it together. Will Ali lead TNW to a huge upset? Our experts expect Imaan to win, but it won’t come easy.
Score Prediction: Imaan 27- 12
First Round:
Sonics vs. All Day: 9:30 am, Field 2
The Sonic’s met All Day in their final regular season contest. All Day was easily defeated by the Sonic’s in that game. Coach Aqib is expecting a better effort from his team in this one. For All Day to win they need to: Create more chunk plays on offense, force Waqas to make mistakes, and ultimately create turnovers. For the Sonic’s to win they need to: Start strong to limit their opponents confidence, control the time of possession, and trust their QB to make big plays. Ultimately our experts predict that we will see a competitive game. Sonics win a nail biter.
Sonics 26- 20
niner  vs. atlanta_falcons_logo_by_redfalcon821-d72chun
Niners vs. Falcons: 9:30 am Field 2
The Niner’s once again showed the league that they are hungry for a title. They avenged their finals loss against the Replacements from last season. On the other hand, the young Falcons have arrived on the scene, and have showed some serious toughness. The two teams met earlier this season and the Falcon’s played the Niner’s to the wire. This is a very enticing matchup as both teams possess strong offenses. The Niner’s hold a big advantage with a veteran QB in Estaban. The Falcons will play tough, but ultimately our experts believe that the Niners will edge them out.
Score prediction:
Niners 34- 27
Replacements vs. Imaan (projected) : 10:45 am, Field 2
The Replacements topped off another solid campaign in their second CFL season (7-1). On the other hand, our experts predict Imaan will be the wild card winner and be the team that faces the Replacement’s. The keys to victory for Imaan include: taking care of the football, creating defensive havoc(pressuring Suhail will be vital), and avoiding mental errors. For the Replacements it will be  about playing their usual defense and making key offensive plays. Can Imaan pull the monumental upset? Our experts expect an easy win for the Replacement’s.
Score Prediction:
Replacements 33- 13
Browns vs. Ballers: 10:45 am Field 1
The Browns put it all together this season and posted a great regular season (7-1). The Ballers struggled to put together any sort of consistency this season(3-5). The Ballers are serious about improving and have consistently been seen practicing this season. For them to ultimately win they must: Start fast, utilize their speed to their advantage on offense by creating big plays, and ultimately close the gaps on defense. For the Browns they need to: Neutralize the biggest strength of the Ballers(their speed), and continue to follow coach Tom’s game plan (it’s working). Browns win big.
Score prediction:
Browns 34- 13
SEMIS WILL START at 12:00 pm on Fields 1 and 2
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