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Final Power Rankings –

The 2018 CFL’s regular season has come to an end. The season was filled with a ton of excitement, upsets, and most importantly brotherhood. As the season enters it’s most exciting moments here are the end of season power rankings:
1. Replacements (7-1) reps: The defending champs suffered their first ever loss in CFL. Mental errors and miscues led to a late loss against a very strong Niner’s team. The champs have upped their defensive game one notch this season, and have routinely utilized their defensive skill set to create offensive production. Who will take charge for this team on the offensive side of the ball? Suhail has taken a majority of the snaps at QB and has played very well, but will Omar start in the post season? The champs very well could repeat, but there are some questions left to be answered.
2. Browns (7-1) browns : The Browns have impressed this season with a retooled roster. Their only loss this season was against the Replacements. They have shown resilency since that loss, and have easily won all their remaining games. For the Browns the biggest question that remains is if they will turn the offense over to Shu in the playoffs. Mark has played very well for this team, but doesn’t have the big game experience. The Browns are eyeing their second CFL trophy.
3. Niners (6-2) niner: The Niner’s played an instant classic against the Replacements and handed them their first loss. After that game they lost a close game against the Sonics, and won comfortably vs Imaan. The Niner’s offensive firepower has once again squarely put them as a top contender for CFL’s biggest prize. With coach Moody leading the charge, this group is hungry to return to the finals, and in their minds win it. The trophy is within reach.
4.Sonics (5-3) sonics: The Sonics topped off a solid campaign by beating the Niner’s and crushing All Day. Waqas has put together a talented squad that has once again become a legitimate contender. A very solid receiving corps led by Judge has put a lot of pressure on defenses. It is evident that Waqas is hungry for his first CFL championship. Will he be able to make the critical plays to lead his team to the finals? Alot of questions remain, but one thing is clear, this team has serious upset potential.
5. Falcons (3-5) atlanta_falcons_logo_by_redfalcon821-d72chun: The young Falcon’s are leaps and bounds ahead of what most of our experts predicted. They have played close games against many of the top teams. They also have shown a level of firepower very rarely seen from a rookie team. The future is most definitely bright for this group, but ultimately they are worried about today, and believe they can make a Cinderella run in the playoffs. The enthusiasm and positivity of this group will continue to drive their future success.
6. All Day (4-4) IMG-20180927-WA0007 (1): This group has been the most average team in CFL. They have won every game that they were expected to win, and have lost every game they were expected to lose. They have once again shown steady progression on the defensive end, yet have failed to show enough firepower offensively to contend. They will need solid offensive play to pull a playoff upset.The talent is present, but some stylistic changes are necessary.
7. Ballers (2-6 new-york-giants-ballers-football-team): The Ballers have shown serious ability this season. Their biggest problem has been a lack of consistent production. Usman has shown good leadership in his second season, but ultimately they haven’t had much success thus far. If they can clean up their defensive struggles, and play with more consistency on offense they can really give a team a run come playoff time.  Here is their immaculate team picture once again:
8. Imaan (2-6 ) iman: Imaan has once again fallen towards the tail end of the rankings. They have shown some potential, but turnovers and the offensive indecisiveness have been a big problem for this group even with the versatile Taco.  Faizan needs to play his best to brew some upset potential.  It is safe to say they are the most under-achieving team this season.  Gregg and AJ have played well on defense but their offense has been consistently inconsistent.
9. TNW (0-8) nightssss: This rookie team has gone out and played hard every single game. They have brought a lot of joy to the CFL. They play the right way and they will most certainly show alot of growth come next season. Led by a solid leader in Ali, we are confident that he will bring a revamped squad next year.
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