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Season 8 Elite Chip Preview

All Day vs Halal Bros – 11/19/22 – 10:30 AM Eisenhower

The top two teams from the preseason have fulfilled their season goals. All Day is looking to become CFL’s second only repeat champions and Halal Bros is hoping pulling together their super team is going to stop them. They played a thriller earlier in the season with All Day walking it off with a 28-27 victory to set the tone for the rest of their season.

That would be the only time Halal Bros lost as they ran through the rest of the season. They handled Underdogs without much of a fight but ended up in an overtime battle to get into the finals versus a controversial Caliphs team that featured fireworks all over the field including misconduct penalties, sideline yelling and a controversial call to nullify a game winning touchdown. Give credit to the Bros though, they never lost their head or argued they just handled their business and got the W.  

All Day also flew through the quarters handling an undermanned Imaan team before doing battle with a familiar AK team who came close to ending their run but fell short at the end. These two teams are very similar and it starts at the head. Yash and Blaze are two elite quarterbacks who never seemed nervous despite the situation. That comes with experience as they have forgotten more about football than a lot of these young guys know. Yash has his team running perfect plays and has an unmatched chemistry with his top receiver Cal who torched Halal Bros (and most other teams) the first time they played. Blaze’s arm talent is immaculate and is never disrupted or rushed by the blitz he takes his time and is never afraid to take a shot over the top to Arthur, who was a big factor last time these two teams met or take his checkdown to longtime veteran Ken he rarely makes mistakes that are going to cost his team possessions. On the defensive end both these teams have a proclivity for giving up a long ball and that should be focus number one for both of them coming into the game.

For All Day balancing that with keeping the short checkdown guys from just chewing up the field will be a fierce battle. For All Day it’s just stopping the sheer number of good wide receivers that the Halal Bros can throw at you from Arthur to Will to the former MVP Nafi. It will take a level of discipline on that side of the ball we don’t know if they can play. In the end this game is really a toss-up so we will defer to the fact that repeating as champs is hard and Halal Bros has the fire of losing to All Day in the regular season to drive them. In a back-and-forth game that should be close until the end it may be decided by who has the ball last.

Official Prediction: Halal Bros 33 All Day 28

CFL Elite Super Saturday Previews and Predictions

The regular season came to an end with a bang. The Halal Bros ended All Day’s perfect season to draw the season series to 1-1. Will they meet again? The legacy franchises like Imaan and the Niners struggled to put together a consistent roster that was competitive and fell near the bottom of the standings. The team at the bottom, the Underdogs, were a mess with injuries and lacked commitment. Two surprise teams the Ballers and Caliphs showed they are going to be a tough out come playoff time. Finally, AK sits in the wings as a legitimate contender without any pressure to win it all. CFL Super Saturday is here.

9 AM (Field A) – Caliphs vs Ballers:

Both teams have shown some serious fight and progress all season long. The Ballers have seen a complete turn around led by the strong leadership of Usman and excellent play of Umair. The Caliphs themselves have shown to be very impressive competing with the best in the league and winning some big games. Led by ZQ, Zobi, Moose, and more this team will prove to be a tough out. We expect a frenetic start with both teams amped up for a huge game. In the end we see the Caliphs pulling out a win and advancing to the second round.

Score Prediction:

Caliphs 27- Ballers 21

9 AM (Field B)- Niners vs AK:

Historically the Niners have always gotten their act together, but this year Moody has struggled to get a cohesive and consistent unit. Missing former league mvp’s and DPOY the Niners have faltered week in and week out. On the other side AK started slow, but has now put together successive wins at the right time. With the Niners having an inconsistent roster we just don’t see how they can compete against this strong AK team. However will there be a surprise from Moody’s team? We expect AK to win comfortably.

Score Predictions:

AK 26- Niners 13

10 AM (Field A) – Halal Bros vs Underdogs:

The Halal Bros ended All Day’s perfect season to cap the regular season. A similar team led by Pops ended the Underdogs season last year in the playoffs. Halal Bros have it all. An excellent QB, great receivers, a strong defensive unit, and championship aspirations. The Underdogs are the complete opposite. They don’t have a good offense or defense and have failed to put together a consistent roster. This may very well be the least competitive game on Super Saturday.

Score Prediction:

Halal Bros 34– Underdogs 13

10 AM (Field B) – All Day vs Imaan:

All Day had a magical season and came so close to a perfect season. The defending Champs won’t mind the loss as long as they can get back to another finals. Led by the excellent play of Yash, Joel, Cal, and many others this team found a way to improve from their championship season. Imaan has proven to be a weak team without consistent leadership and discipline. We expect this game to be one sided.

Score Prediction:

All Day 28– Imaan 14

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Week 1 Previews

CFL is back for it’s 7th installment! Many of the legacy franchises return with some fresh faces across the board. Will There be an All Day repeat? The brotherhood continue On Saturday September 10th at Eisenhower Park.

Imaan vs Underdogs (9 AM) – Imaan has been a legacy franchise since day 1 of CFL. The Underdogs make their return for their sophomore season. Imaan has evolved over the years, but has been fairly inconsistent with attendance and performance. The Underdogs showed some good signs last year, but a mix of too much youth and big game experience seemed to be lacking. We expect this game to be close early with both teams finding their footing before the ‘dogs pull away.


Underdogs 20 – Imaan 14

Niners vs. Ballers (10:15 AM) – The Niners have been a legacy franchise since day 1 of CFL. The Ballers have been with the league for a few years. The Niners have been the best CFL team yet to win a title (will this be their year). Historically the Niners have stumbled out of the gate before finding their groove a few weeks in. The Ballers have added some key players to bolster their roster. We expect the Niners to take control early, but the Ballers to fight back and make this a very interesting game. Niners win in the end.


Niners 34– Ballers 20

All Day vs. Halal Bros (11:30 AM) – This is the game of the week! All Day returns to push for a repeat. While Pops brings back a similar team by a new name (Halal Bros). We expect this to be two of the best teams in the league and an early season battle will show some signs on where things stand. One thing is certain we expect this to be a high scoring game with a battle to the end. Ultimately Halal Bros will pull of a big win to start the season.


Halal Bros 34– All Day 28

AK47 vs. Caliphs (12:45 PM) – AK47 return for their sophomore season in the CFL. A mix of injuries and key errors had this team eliminated early in the playoffs last season. They will be motivated to make a deep run this season. The Caliphs return for season number 3 with a rejuvenated nucleus and a team ready to make a big leap forward. We expect this game to be the lowest scoring contest of the afternoon with both teams battling to make key plays. Ultimately the star power of AK will be too much for the Caliphs.


AK 20– Caliphs 13

CFL is Back!

Another exciting season returns on September 10th! Games will be played at Eisenhower Park. Stay tuned for updates.

Finals Prediction

We have officially reached the finals! After a wild day on CFL super Saturday two teams shined brighter then the rest (All Day & Ravens). Let’s take a quick look at their journey to the finals before we look into the matchup.

Ravens: The Ravens had a very tough path to the finals. They first beat the Caliphs comfortably. They next had to face the number one seed in the Browns. The two teams were in a battle for the ages before a late stop against the Browns secured the victory. Against the Niners they faced another test. They went up by multiple scores only to see the Niners come back and take the lead. A late TD with just seconds left sealed the win and a trip to the finals.

All Day: All Day faced Imaan in their first game. This game was chippy, but the result was very lopsided in favor of All Day. In the semifinals All Day faced a serious test against the Outsiders. All Day was down 14-7 late without the ball. They were able to stop the Outsiders and get the ball back, and they forced overtime. In overtime they were able to clinch the win and a berth in the finals.

Ravens vs. All Day- 9 AM @ Bay Park:

Both teams make their first trip to the finals. The community has been very split on this matchup as both teams have a very good shot to win this contest. All Day comes in as the more polished team full of explosive offensive talent. Led by Yash this team had the best offense all season and a defense that showed steady improvement. The Ravens have always shown great talent as evidenced by their 3-0 start early in the season. Tough stretches without key players really straddled this team’s record. The return of key guys on top of the terrific leadership of Ihsan and the accurate QB play of Wally has gotten this team to this stage. There are a few arguments for both sides with the Ravens more battled tested with some tougher competition in the playoffs. While for All Day they have been the better team throughout the course of the season. One thing that can’t be used as a comparison is head to head play as these two teams didn’t play against each other (All day win via forfeit). If the game were played on Super Saturday the Ravens would have had an even better chance. With the game two Saturday’s later with the momentum no longer in the Ravens favor I beleive All Day will come out on top.

All Day 27– Ravens 20

Community Predictions

I think itll Come down to which qb will be able to Move the ball down field. All Day. 26-20

ZQ – Team Caliphs

I gotta go with All Day, they’ve been stout all season, well balanced team. As long as they are able to slow down (Tyreek Hill), they’ll win 27-20

Azmath – Team Caliphs

First off Congrats to both teams for achieving a trip to the finals. It is never easy as there are attendance issues, fee collection, and staying healthy. Congrats to Captain Yash and Captain Ishan.

As far as the game goes – I like team Ravens. They have a swagger which will be the difference maker. All Day has great balance and will hold the lead but the Ravens are just oblivious to conventionality and will prevail. 26-24 Ravens.

— Fargo. Team Imaan

I have Team All Day. More talented and experienced team. Although it is unbelievable that team Ravens kept it together after all the adversity at the QB position and attendance issues. They have 2 unbelievable players.

All Day 33-27.

-Waqas. QB/Co-Captain Team Imaan

I got the Ravens coming out on top if they have there whole team, All day will have to tighten up the defense and Yash will have to make throws in tight spots if the Ravens play man, X factor will be Cal for All day and Jordan for the Ravens as they are both beasts on both sides of the ball. If the ravens can slow down the all day offense I see them coming out on top in a close one 33-30.

-Talha, Team Browns

Great matchup. Gonna come down to last minute drive. Think Ravens will win.

Razi – Crescent Goat. Team Caliphs

Two well deserving teams. My prediction is ALL DAY 26


-Danny, Team Outsiders

I like the Ravens in a close one over All Day.. 21-20

Mark. Team Underdogs.

This years CFL finals features the two hottest teams and not necessarily the two best teams. In my opinion this will be a high scoring game with a lot of buckets. My guy Jordan on the ravens who I’ve been playing basketball with since we were 8 years old lol has the best hands on the field and his quarterback is very confident and poise. However, All day does not have a weakness and will slice up the medium level defense that the ravens possess. At the end, it will be a goodie but all day will come out on top. Final Score 26-19 All Day

Abdel – Team Niners

The only team I care about is my team. I am only giving this prediction cause my dad forced me.

I got Ravens by 4.

Fahad. Team Underdogs

I’m over 60 yrs old and better than most of these guys. Mashallah. I like All Day over the Ravens. Congrats to both teams.

All Day 30, Ravens 25

Amin – Team Underdogs

I’m going with the Ravens. Great team with good energy. All Day nasty good as well though.

Ravens 32, All Day 26. OT

Faizan. QB, Underdogs

Two solid teams. If ravens got whole squad. They will win.


Nafi, Team Outsiders

I think all day will win 28 to 21.

Al aka Glueman. Team Niners

I got all day 26-13

-Aadil aka Squirrel. – Free Agent

It’s a fool’s errand to forecast the future. Having gotten the disclaimer out of the way, if its a methodical game by both teams, I’d favor All Day. If it resorts to street ball I’d favor the Ravens. My gut tells me Ravens make a big defensive play early and that’s the difference. Ravens look like a team of destiny. My prediction right, or your money back: Ravens 32, All Day 27.

Shu, Team Browns

Ravens 27-21

-Ken. Team Browns

I’m no expert. If ravens play like they did 2 weeks ago I see an upset.

Ravens 33
All Day 27

Sohel. Team Elites

All Day: 35
Ravens: 20

Anas. Team Elites

I’m going with All Day in a close game 21-20. Yash runs an offense that should give the Ravens trouble. The use of the guy in the back field will force the Ravens to adjust on D which should open up what Yash wants to do. I expect a competitive game coming down to a missed extra point being the difference.

-Rob. Team Browns

Let’s go 27-26 all day

-Mango, AK47

Ravens 26 All day 20

-Moody- Captain, Niners

All Day 32-19

-Josh, Niners

All day over ravens I feel like ravens don’t have enough team chemistry yet. High scoring game from both teams.

-Nabil- Stat keeper

I predict All Day will win as they have been consistent all season. All Day 34- Ravens 19

-Adil, Underdogs


After an unbelievable Super Saturday filled with OT thrillers and Decisive performances and last second drives it will be:

Ravens vs All Day


CFL Super Saturday Preview

It’s finally that time of year, CFL super Saturday is here. The playoffs will kick off this Saturday, November 20, 2021. There are so many great matchups and a league that has grown in talent. Any team can lose if they don’t play their best ball game. “Every member has a shot”.

*Only confirmed matchups will be predicted

9 AM – Caliphs (10) vs. Ballers (11) –

Flashback when they met in the regular season: The Caliphs comfortably beat the Ballers in their week 9 matchup. Strong offensive performance by Musab and crew wreaked havoc on the Ballers defense. Usman was in charge of the offensive attack for the Ballers, but the team couldn’t generate enough offense to hang with the Caliphs.

Prediction: The Caliphs have shown steady progression throughout the season. A key turning point was when Musab took over the offense and became the QB. The Ballers themselves have made changes and have gone from Umair to Usman. However, Usman is still not 100% coming back from injury. Our expert advice for the Ballers is to turn back to Umair as he can be a dual threat with his tremendous speed. We expect this to be a much more competitive contest then the last time these two teams met. Ultimately the Caliphs will pull out a win to advance to the next round.

Score Prediction:

Caliphs 20– Ballers 13


10 AM- Imaan (8) vs. Elites (9) –

Flashback when they met in the regular season: A very competitive showdown between these two teams happened in week 8. A back and forth game which went down to the final play to decide the winner (Imaan 26-24). Waqas throwing a late TD to seal the game and a huge victory.

Prediction: Imaan will be playing with a heavy heart after the loss of dear teammate and friend Scott. This game is a matchup of two teams sliding in opposite directions. Elites have lost five straight while Imaan has shown much better form in recent weeks. Our expert advice to the Elites is to play an up tempo offense and force their opponent to adjust to their pace. This game will be full of emotions and fierce competition. It is very had to predict this game, but we give the slight edge to Imaan.

Score prediction:

Imaan 27– Elites 26


11 AM- Niners (4) vs. AK (5) –

Flashback when they met in the regular season: These two teams met early in the season in Alley Pond Park. The Niners were victorious in a defensive showdown (18-12). Key plays by Josh for the Niners led them to a huge win over the talented AK team. AK was missing star QB Sim in this contest.

Prediction: Welcome to life in the CFL! Both teams had a chance at the number one seed and instead fell to 4th and 5th respectively. A potential finals preview in the first round. THIS IS THE GAME OF THE WEEK! A star studded showdown with CFL veterans on one side vs. a dominant team on the other. AK will receive a huge boost with Sim leading  charge of the offense. The Niners offense has been very different this season relying more on intermediate passes vs. the deep ball that has been part of the Niners identity since league inception. Our expert advice for the Niners is to get Glueman in the game. All jokes aside the Niners need to eliminate the miscues. Key drops and missed tackles hurt them tremendously against the Outsiders, and they will need to play a clean game to beat AK. Ultimately we believe AK will be victorious in a very heated battle.

Score prediction:

AK 27– Niners 20

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11 AM- Outsiders vs. Underdogs:

Flashback when they met in the regular season: These teams met back in week 7 in a rainy showdown. The Outsiders were victorious (28-19) in a highly competitive contest. Danny was able to deliver key plays to lead his team to victory.

Prediction: Since this contest both teams have gone in opposite directions. Underdogs have lost four out of their last five contests, while the Outsiders have won six straight. The young ‘dogs must keep their heads up after a thrashing in week 9 against the top two teams in the CFL. Our expert advice to the Underdogs is to come out aggressive and play with nothing to lose. This will keep them loose and give them their best shot at victory. Ultimately the veteran Outsiders will be too much for the young ‘dogs.

Score Prediction:

Outsiders 28– Underdogs 20

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