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The Replacements Are Champs!



Dec 9, 2017, Long Island NY — In an historical game on a snowy day The Replacements win the 2017 Season Chip.  This game needed 3 rounds of OT to decide the winner.   The final play was a 20 yard pass to the right corner of the end-zone thrown by Omar to Ali to secure the win in the most dramatic fashion possible.  Final Score The Replacements 33, Niners 27

Congratulations to the Niners and The Replacements for taking part in a memorable game that will be talked about for decades.

Finals Preview

The Game: Season 3 Finals

The Teams: Niners vs. The Replacements

The Schedule: 10:30 am, Saturday December 9, 2017

The Place: Eisenhower Football Field 6

The Tagline: For the CHIP!


Well Crescent Fans. The time is arrived!  After a season of scheduling complexities, double and triple headers, new faces both young and old, and exciting play where we saw teams go undefeated and unhinged.  All of that led up to the Crescent Season 3 Finals between The Replacements and Niners.   Two very talented and unselfish teams.

The Niners led by All Crescent Moody, will make their second appearance to the Finals while The Replacements, who are made up with original Crescent bros since its inception over a decade ago will make their first appearance in a CFL Finals.

The talent between these two powerhouses features speed, IQ, and a great passion to win.  You will not find two more teams that are passionate.

The experts see this game to be average scoring due to the impending snow and the fact that both teams play great defense.  In fact, they each have a former DMVP in Esteban and Omar.


The community expects a low scoring first half with both QBs making high percentage passes with minimal plays downfield.

In the second half, perhaps Jonathan will show off his arm and look for Ruhel or Josh but we highly advise against it. Especially if it is snowing.  Meanwhile, The Replacements will look for Macsood and Jeff on the short slants and Mr. Glue Suhail up the middle.   Is there a better target than Suhail?

On defense, we envision the Niners go Man and The Replacements will stick to Zone.   Both teams are aware of the offensive explosiveness.  Therefore, look for many safety measures.



  1. Keep Macsood in check on defense.
  2. Force them to throw to the weak side. Away from Jeff and Macsood.
  3. Pressure the QB. He will make errors.
  4. Don’t trash talk.

The Replacements.

  1. Do not let Jonathan get too comfortable.
  2. Do not let them get the Niners receivers get behind your defense. They have killer speed. Keep a safety on the strong side.
  3. On Offense Look for secondary options if they double Macsood or Jeff.
  4. Limit the fun plays like flee flickers or pass backs. These are not rookies.


While The Replacements have great team chemistry and skill, the Niners have a swagger that is hard to match on both sides of the field.   It seems they have more talent across the board.  We like Niners in a close and fun battle.

Niners 26, The Replacements 22

Season 3 Award Candidates Are:

2017 Awards




Omar S – The Replacements

Jonathan V- Niners

Josh – Niners

Shu – Browns



Esteban – Niners

Jeff – The Replacements

Aneesh – Browns

ZQ – Warriors


Best Newcomer:

Apron -Imaan

Taco – Mean Machine

Macsood – The Replacements

“Judge” – Warriors


Best Manager:

Moody – Niners

Sohel – Browns

Waqas – Warriors

Omar – The Replacements



Hasan – All Day

Amin – Imaan

Mango – All Day

Sohel – Browns


Winners will be recognized after the Finals this Saturday Dec 9, 2017


Previews for Playoffs – Are you Ready?!

Game 1: Replacements vs Imaan- 9:15 am (Field 1)

This is our easiest prediction of the day. The Replacements are coming red hot off the regular season, UNDEFEATED. Only one other team did this before the Warriors aka Replacements plus Waqas (Tony Romo). Without their former captain and QB the team has looked even better than ever. The chemistry built through family and Pashto strategy at the line of scrimmage. Imaan started the regular season hot and just dissolved shortly after. Farooq will try to pull the ultimate upset but will come VERY short of that goal as we predict the Replacements will roll through to the second round.

Replacements 49 Imaan 6

Game 2: Warriors vs Mean Machine – – 9:15 am (Field 2)

Waqas has brought together a squad that we feel may be this years Dark Horse in the playoffs. After adding Judge mid season they’ve added a go to play maker that is not only phenonmenal on offense but has played amazing on defense. Waqas is having one of his best seasons and has to be given credit for building this team from scratch. On the other side we have Mean Machine who somehow get the job done against their opponents. They yell they scream they fight but they pull out W’s. Taco is a great leader but facing a Warriors team that is determined to prove the haters wrong they will get crushed.

Warriors 41 Mean Machine 20


Game 3: Browns vs Titans – 10:30 am (Field 1)

The Browns have quietly had an incredible season as always. Shu has taken the back seat in some games and has had other Qbs get reps this year. We predict Sohel to start at QB against the Titans and make this a quick one as the inexperienced teenagers. Last week we saw the Titans QB throw some serious long balls but either he missed by a mile or his team just couldn’t haul them in. The Titans will make this a fun one… they kind of remind you of the young All Day but ultimately the Browns have too much skill and leadership to let this one slip.

Browns 34 Titans 13

Game 4: Niners vs All Day – 10:30 am (Field 2)

The past two years the Niners have looked like the team to beat, packed with athletes, and some of the greatest qb performances we have seen in the regular season. They’ve have fallen twice to the Browns in two consecutive season but get an opportunity to play them in Round 2 so long as they beat All Day and the Browns beat the Titans. All Day is coming off a rough week where they lost two games on the last play. Will Aqib be able to rally the boys to a victory against the Niners who are red hot in their last five games? Or will the Niners move one inch closer to the ring they so deeply want. The last time All Day played the Niners they were short staffed but this time we think this game might be the best game of Round 1 but All Day will come up short. All Day remains the forever Dark Horse through the playoffs.

Niners 33 All Day 28


Semis to Follow after Rd 1.

Our prediction for the Semis is:

Game 1: Browns will defeat Niners by a score of 30-28, OT

The Browns are too experienced and always come through in clutch games.  The Niners have the best team in their history but we see a heart-breaker here.  The likes of Christian, Shu, Pops, Sohel, and Ken will be too much to handle for Josh and company.

Game 2:  Replacements will defeat Warriors by a score of 34-10

The Replacements started a new team because they knew they could perform better than Waqas.  While Captain Waqas will have his Warriors prepared led by Bobby, at the end the Replacements are too balanced 1-10.  The only way they lose if Omar is unable to QB.   Then they will wish they had Waqas as their QB.

Book it!



Season 3 Standings

Team Wins Losses Ties Pct. PF PA
Browns 7 0 0 1000 135 78
The Replacements 7 0 0 1000 172 60
Niners 6 2 0 714 223 115
Warriors 5 3 0 571 164 118
All Day 3 5 0 334 83 157
Titans 3 5 0 286 134 189
Mean Machine 2 5 0 200 55 130
Imaan 1 6 0 200 44 119

November 11 Results

On a cold and windy day, here are the results:


Game 1.  The Warriors made a smart decision by choosing field direction  over  possession which put their opponents against the wind and paralyzing their offense.  Meanwhile, with the wind in his favor, veteran QB Waqas marched his offense to multiple TDs for an easy win.  ZQ was the offensive star with 3 TDs.

Final Score. Warriors 42. Titans 7.


Game 2. Titans lose again vs. the streaking Niners. Josh and company secured the game in the second half with a barrage of nifty offensive plays and stingy defense.

Final Score.  Niners 46. Titans 21.


Game 3. Dream Team extends their streak to two games as they shock the All Day by coming from behind and scoring 2 TDs in their last two possessions.

Final Score.  Dream Team 21. All Day 20.


Image result for standings logo

Week 5

Season 3 Standings

Team Wins Losses Ties Pct. PF PA
The Replacements 4 0 0 1000 172 60
Browns 4 0 1 1000 135 78
Niners 4 2 0 667 177 94
Warriors 3 3 0 500 122 111
All Day 2 3 0 400 63 136
Titans 2 3 0 400 106 102
Mean Machine 1 3 1 250 55 130
Imaan 1 4 0 200 44 119
Dream Team 1 4 0 200 76 139

Power Rankings!!


1. Replacements- the soofizada clan has come together and put together a powerhouse. These guys just love playing football and their unity is unquestioned. Led by omar they have routinely blown out teams early and often, minus a nail bitter versus the niners. It wouldn’t be a shock to see this group run the table.

2. Browns- Some of the browns like to have the underdog mentality, but we aren’t buying it. This group is the most veteran laden team that plays with discipline and strategy. Led by the magician(Shu), they are handily beating teams week in and week out. Ever knew the brown’s would have a solid offensive unit fueled by the likes of ken. But how about their defense? They have arguably played some of the best defense in the league. A run back to the finals for redemptions is very likely for this bunch.

3. Niners- The community might have been panicking when the niners lost their first 2 games of the season. However, these guys weren’t worried at all. Since then they have beat an up and coming warriors team in OT, humiliated mean machine, and simply outclassed the dream team. Led by the best manager in the game, Moody. The group has showed that they are elite. Jonathen is back at qb, and they are the best one play score team in the leauge.

4. Warriors- The gun slinger Waqas lost his best players to the replacements.. No worries though, as he has put together a solid bunch of guys the last few weeks. The uber competetive Waqas isn’t going down without a fight, and is never afraid to throw a 50/50 ball. With his experience and his shiny new 6’5 wr they can challenge the best teams in this league. Dont sleep on this group.

5. Dream Team- i know this is a controversial spot for a team yet to win a football game. It’s hard to discount the potential of this team. With a squad resembling last years championship team they are easily near the top, yet they just haven’t showed up. Led by Sy this group is a total mystery. If they show up they can win it all, but lost reps is never a good thing in football. In all honesty we think the dream may be over..

6.All Day- This team is led by Aqib and has shown to be a very inconsistent group. They always seem passionate and can be seen playing all day, but lack the big game experience. They have routinely beaten the teams that they should beat, but are easily out done by the better teams in the leauge. They are led by mango at qb, and he has shown flashes of brilliance, but the sample size has been small. Can they buck the trend and come together late?

7.Mean Machine- The Mean machine is led by Taco. A new team that has been a mystery to many people in this leauge. They have shown to be very inconsistent themselves. Getting blown out by the niners then tying the browns(controversial). This group can play good football in small sample sizes. To be sucessful in this leauge you need to play good football in larger sample sizes. It remains to be seen if the freshmen can make a serious run in their first season.

8. Imaan- These guys always seem to have issues with attendence. Led by the father of crescent, Farouq you know they will find a way to get on the field. They have added some talent this year. The apron(as known in the community) has shown to be an athletic building block. However, it remains to be seen if they can compete in the twilight years of their veteran leaders: farouq, and amin. They are a wild card group that can shocka team, but making a deep run? We will have to see

9.Titans- taking the last spot is the young titans. They have been idle for a couple of weeks so the comitee is unsure of how they are growing. They are led by faizan at qb who has shown some good flashes. He seems to play composed for a very young man. The future is bright for this group, but we have a tough time projecting them to make any noise this year.

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