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Season 3 Standings

Team Wins Losses Ties Pct. PF PA
Browns 7 0 0 1000 135 78
The Replacements 7 0 0 1000 172 60
Niners 6 2 0 714 223 115
Warriors 5 3 0 571 164 118
All Day 3 5 0 334 83 157
Titans 3 5 0 286 134 189
Mean Machine 2 5 0 200 55 130
Imaan 1 6 0 200 44 119

November 11 Results

On a cold and windy day, here are the results:


Game 1.  The Warriors made a smart decision by choosing field direction  over  possession which put their opponents against the wind and paralyzing their offense.  Meanwhile, with the wind in his favor, veteran QB Waqas marched his offense to multiple TDs for an easy win.  ZQ was the offensive star with 3 TDs.

Final Score. Warriors 42. Titans 7.


Game 2. Titans lose again vs. the streaking Niners. Josh and company secured the game in the second half with a barrage of nifty offensive plays and stingy defense.

Final Score.  Niners 46. Titans 21.


Game 3. Dream Team extends their streak to two games as they shock the All Day by coming from behind and scoring 2 TDs in their last two possessions.

Final Score.  Dream Team 21. All Day 20.


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Week 5

Season 3 Standings

Team Wins Losses Ties Pct. PF PA
The Replacements 4 0 0 1000 172 60
Browns 4 0 1 1000 135 78
Niners 4 2 0 667 177 94
Warriors 3 3 0 500 122 111
All Day 2 3 0 400 63 136
Titans 2 3 0 400 106 102
Mean Machine 1 3 1 250 55 130
Imaan 1 4 0 200 44 119
Dream Team 1 4 0 200 76 139

Power Rankings!!


1. Replacements- the soofizada clan has come together and put together a powerhouse. These guys just love playing football and their unity is unquestioned. Led by omar they have routinely blown out teams early and often, minus a nail bitter versus the niners. It wouldn’t be a shock to see this group run the table.

2. Browns- Some of the browns like to have the underdog mentality, but we aren’t buying it. This group is the most veteran laden team that plays with discipline and strategy. Led by the magician(Shu), they are handily beating teams week in and week out. Ever knew the brown’s would have a solid offensive unit fueled by the likes of ken. But how about their defense? They have arguably played some of the best defense in the league. A run back to the finals for redemptions is very likely for this bunch.

3. Niners- The community might have been panicking when the niners lost their first 2 games of the season. However, these guys weren’t worried at all. Since then they have beat an up and coming warriors team in OT, humiliated mean machine, and simply outclassed the dream team. Led by the best manager in the game, Moody. The group has showed that they are elite. Jonathen is back at qb, and they are the best one play score team in the leauge.

4. Warriors- The gun slinger Waqas lost his best players to the replacements.. No worries though, as he has put together a solid bunch of guys the last few weeks. The uber competetive Waqas isn’t going down without a fight, and is never afraid to throw a 50/50 ball. With his experience and his shiny new 6’5 wr they can challenge the best teams in this league. Dont sleep on this group.

5. Dream Team- i know this is a controversial spot for a team yet to win a football game. It’s hard to discount the potential of this team. With a squad resembling last years championship team they are easily near the top, yet they just haven’t showed up. Led by Sy this group is a total mystery. If they show up they can win it all, but lost reps is never a good thing in football. In all honesty we think the dream may be over..

6.All Day- This team is led by Aqib and has shown to be a very inconsistent group. They always seem passionate and can be seen playing all day, but lack the big game experience. They have routinely beaten the teams that they should beat, but are easily out done by the better teams in the leauge. They are led by mango at qb, and he has shown flashes of brilliance, but the sample size has been small. Can they buck the trend and come together late?

7.Mean Machine- The Mean machine is led by Taco. A new team that has been a mystery to many people in this leauge. They have shown to be very inconsistent themselves. Getting blown out by the niners then tying the browns(controversial). This group can play good football in small sample sizes. To be sucessful in this leauge you need to play good football in larger sample sizes. It remains to be seen if the freshmen can make a serious run in their first season.

8. Imaan- These guys always seem to have issues with attendence. Led by the father of crescent, Farouq you know they will find a way to get on the field. They have added some talent this year. The apron(as known in the community) has shown to be an athletic building block. However, it remains to be seen if they can compete in the twilight years of their veteran leaders: farouq, and amin. They are a wild card group that can shocka team, but making a deep run? We will have to see

9.Titans- taking the last spot is the young titans. They have been idle for a couple of weeks so the comitee is unsure of how they are growing. They are led by faizan at qb who has shown some good flashes. He seems to play composed for a very young man. The future is bright for this group, but we have a tough time projecting them to make any noise this year.

Week 4 Results

Game 1: Replacements 46, Imaan 0

Recap:  The Replacements scored early and often.  The strong arm of Omar tore up the weak secondary of Imaan.  This game was over in the first 5 mins.  By the early second half, Replacements pulled their starters yet still scored over Imaan.  For Imaan, their lack of a good QB is really affecting their game.


Game 2: Warriors 31, All Day 14

Recap:  Waqas and company dominated the All Day  squad with timely passing and stingy defense.  The Warriors scored on every possession and despite only dressing 6 were able manage the game clock very well.  All Day was missing their Rugby star turned Football player, and Warriors took advantage.


Game 3: Niners 25, Mean Machine 0

Recap:  Niners throw a shut-out over a talented Mean-Machine team. 


Game 4: Niners 51, Dream Team 7

Recap:  The Niners finished off their double header by easily defeating the Dream Team.


Game 5: Browns 20, Mean Machine 20

Recap:  In a controversial game, the Browns and Mean Machine ended their game in a tie. 


Additional details on the games will be added soon.

Standings as of Week 4

Season 3 Standings








The Replacements 4 0 0 1000 126 60
Browns 3 0 1 1000 96 45
All Day 2 2 0 667 49 70
Mean Machine 1 2 1 500 35 51
Titans 1 2 0 334 51 71
Niners 3 2 0 334 67 87
Warriors 2 2 0 334 64 78
Imaan 1 3 0 334 44 49
Dream Team 0 4 0 0 45 67

Week 3 Results – Cream Rising

After week 3, the top 2 teams rising are The Replacements and Browns.  The Replacements are led by the Sofizada clan beaming of chemistry and confidence.  The Browns have chemistry, confidence, and a rich history of winning.  All of the Crescent community are looking forward to that match-up.   Should be one for the ages.

In other news, the Champs are 0-3 but Captain Sy got TJ to attend and he made immediate impact despite losing.  Imaan continues to struggle offensively as they lose two-in-a-row. All Day splits a double header. Mean Machine and Niners get their first win of the season.  Kudos to Captain Taco for his first ever win as a coach in Crescent Sports history. 


Results from Week 3:

Game 1. Niners 21 Warriors 20 (OT)

Game 2. The Replacements 28, All Day 7

Game 3. All Day 23, Imaan 19

Game 4. Browns 26, Dream Team 19

Game 5. Mean Machine 29, Dream Team 26

Week 3 Previews and Predictions

Week 3 Schedule:

G1- 9:00 am: Niners vs Warriors

Historically, the Niners and Warriors have had some real close battles where the games were not decided till the final secs.  In this game we expect more of the same as Captain Waqas is rebuilding the Warriors week by week and they are ready to compete vs. a very talented Niners team led by Josh and Moody.  We see this a very fast paced game where the Niners will challenge the Warriors deep.  For the Warriors, the key is to pressure the Niners QB (maybe Jonathen) so he is uncomfortable and not able to zone into his favorite receivers.

When it is all said and done, we see the Niners winning their first game in an impressive manner.  The speed will be too much for Warriors to handle.

Score Prediction: Niners 27, Warriors 18.


G2 – 10:15 am: All Day vs. The Replacements

After a two week break, All Day returns to face the super talented Replacements.  This match-up will be between two young teams who bring a lot of enthusiasm and energy to the field.  However, in terms of talent, The Replacements appear to have a bit more at the moment.  The CFL community sees this as upbeat battle where the Replacements will try to throw it down the field and All Day will try to generate their offense with dinks and dunks.  Their QB Mango is a smart player who will only make high percentage pass attempts.  The keys will be for All Day to somehow contain Suhail and Omar.  With Omar back, that should help.  Good luck.

Score Prediction: The Replacements 35, All Day 19.



G3 – 11:30 am: All Day vs Imaan

Imaan was boasting after beating Dream Team in week 1.  However, in week 2, they got their behinds kicked by a young Titans which now will likely bring them down to earth.  Their opponent will be All Day (yes they are playing two) who will be playing the back end of a double header.  This contest will be low scoring with many missed opportunities.  Especially for Imaan, who seem to struggle offensively.  The keys to win for All Day is trying to beat Imaan’s Cover Two defense.  For Imaan is moviing the ball down the field.  Abdal Rahman hasn’t turned out to be the star Captain Farooq thought.

Score Prediction: All Day 19, Imaan 7

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G4 – 12:45 pm: Dream Team vs. Browns

A Rematch of the Finals will feature the undefeated Browns vs a struggling Dream Team.  We don’t know who will attend for Dream Team, but the Browns will feature each of their stars who will be feasting for a chance to extract revenge after an embarrassing meltdown at last season’s finals.  As far as the game, we expect the Browns to slice and dice the Dream Team offense and win big.  The offensive scheme of the Browns this season appears to be at an all time high.  For Dream Team to be successful, they need to have all their guys present and make smart decisions on offense.  Week 1, they seemed lost.

Score Prediction: Browns 30, Dream Team 19.

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G5 – 2:00 pm: Dream Team vs. Mean Machine

Dream Team (again) will take on Mean Machine in the final game of the day.  Mean Machine is a question mark.  No one knows who is on their roster.  According to Captain Taco, we will see the real Mean Machine this week.  If that is the case, watch out Dream Team.  The experts see this as a close battle with both teams exchanging leads.  At the end, the height of Dream Team should help them edge out the speedy Mean Machine.

Score Prediction: Dream Team 24, Mean Machine 21.


Bye: Titans


Week 2 Results

Game 1: Titans 26, Imaan 13.

Recap:  The Titans saw the previews and were down right offended.  They came out and drove the ball down the throats of Imaan and scored on the first 4 drives led by crisp passes by Faizan.  It was 26-0 at halftime.  Second half  the Titans played solid man-to-man D and buried Imaan.


Game 2: The Replacements 36, Niners 34

Recap:  The Replacements and Niiners played a great back and forth game.  Both teams played aggresively.  Early on it seemed the Niners would win but the combo of Suhail and Omar is deadly, as they stepped up in the final secs to seal their second straight win.


Game 3: Warriors 25, Mean Machine 6

Recap:  Waqas found ZQ early and often and quickly erased a 6-0 deficit to win over Taco’s Mean Machine soundly.  On defense, it was Bobbi and Shami doing their thing for the new look Warriors. 


Game 4: Browns 39, Titans 13

Recap:  The Browns QB Shu taught a young Titans squad a valuable lesson which is don’t fall for the pump fakes.  While the Titans made a game out of it, the Browns converted when needed en route to their second straight win.  With Christian in the fold, the Browns look unstoppable.   


Sites of Week 2:

Jon (Warriors new player)

Jon Warriors cflThe Replacements CFL

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