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Every member has a shot.

Week 4 Previews

Last week’s return to Eisenhower Park was filled with rivalries and great games on the field. This week the action continues at Eisenhower with 6 games on the slate.
Replacements vs Browns (8:30 AM): GAME OF THE WEEK!
This is the game of the week! This might be a midseason finals preview! The replacements have gone out and taken care of business thus far. Offensively they look good. Defensively they look great. One thing to remember is that the defending champs haven’t faced much of a challenge, or even played in a close game. On the other hand, the Browns, were tested this past week with a tight win against the Sonics, followed up with a very surprising beat down of the Niners. The Replacements have yet to lose as a franchise, dating back to last season they are an incredible 14-0, including playoffs.  The Browns will pose a very serious challenge to that streak, but at the end of the day our experts believe the Replacements will find a way to win and keep their streak alive against a very strong team.
Score Prediction: Replacements 34- Browns 27 reps
Imaan Vs. Sonics (8:30 am):
Farooq and Waqas reunited! Two of the best known names in Crescent sports will battle it out on the gridiron. Imaan had showed signs of progress, but were blanked this past week by All Day. On the other hand, The Sonics showed grit, but ultimately lost to a fierce Browns team this past week. Looks like the Sonics have added Samir P(formerly of the Warriors). This would be a big boost to the Sonics core. Either way we think the Sonics will win big.
Score Prediction:  34-13 Sonics sonics
Ballers vs Replacements (9:45 AM):
The Ballers played very well against All Day last week but came up just short. They have continued to show development under Usman, but have fallen short the first 3 weeks of the season. The Replacements will play the second leg of a back to back in this one. Our experts think the Ballers will continue to show improvement and even some big plays, but the championship experienced Replacements will be too much to handle. Replacements win in a blowout.
Score Predictions:  Replacements 41- 19 reps
TNW vs. Niners (9:45 AM):
TNW is coming off a bye and rumors are swirling that they have added some young talent. This new team will continue to grow as the weeks move along. On the other side of the field you have the Niners who were convincingly beaten by the Browns. Are the Niner’s no longer a feared team? Is their championship window closing? Not to worry for the Niner’s. They have gotten off to a slow start and proven many people wrong in the past. They will come out angry and fired up. Niner’s win big.
Score Prediction: Niner’s 44- 12 niner
TNW vs Ballers (11:00 AM):
Both of these new franchises will be playing in the second leg of a back to back. We expect TNW to play very hard and have a strong showing in this game. Ultimately though the young and hungry Ballers will be too much for TNW to handle.
Score Prediction: Ballers 27- 13   new-york-giants-ballers-football-team
Niner’s vs Falcons(11:00 AM):
The Niner’s are on a second leg of a back to back. On the other hand, the young Falcons played extremely well in their first game, but have struggled against two tougher opponents thus far. The Falcons are definitely a talented bunch, but can’t match the veteran experience of the Niner’s. Niner’s win in blowout fashion.
Score Prediction: Niner’s 42- 18  niner

Week 3 Results

Week 3 Scores:

Game 1: All Day 21 Imaan 0

All Day’s defense put a clamp on Imaan’s young QB.  On offense Mango led them to victory with timely passing while rolling out of the  pocket.


Game 2:  Browns 35 Sonics 33

In the Game Of The Week, the Browns hung on for a narrow 2pt victory versus the in-house fighting Sonics. Earlier on it was all Browns as they picked off Sonics QBs twice which allowed them to have a big lead early. The Sonics regrouped and made a great game of it late in second half, but the missed extra point conversions proved to be costly.  As Browns ran out the clock w. 40 seconds left and escaped with a 2pt win.



Game 3: All Day 28. Ballers 26

It was Mango once again leading the charge for AD and helping them secure the second win in one day. The Ballers showed some signs on defense but could not capitalize when It was needed.


Game 4: Browns 41 Niners 25

To a surprise to many, the Browns soundly defeated the high powered Niners by over 2 TDs.  Ken, Nafi and company made plays early and often to set the tone early.


Game 5: Replacements 33 Falcons 7

Suhail seems to get comfortable as QB while the defense continues to shine for the champs. Macsood had a great all-around game making plays on both sides of the ball. He continued his streak of 15 straight games with a TD and he also added 2 interceptions. Ali has been also playing tremendously well. He is also making plays on both side of the field. Him and Suhail seem to have a connection. For the Champs to repeat they need to have a well balance effort on both side of the ball. This week it was the young Falcons who fell victim to the well-balanced Replacements.


Week 3 Previews

The first two weeks of CFL were played at Alley Pond Park, which turned out to be a blessing, as we had a good turnout with high energy.  The young season has shown a lot of comradery and sportsmanship between the players, coaches, and referees.  Coach Tom of the Browns stands out with his continuous admiration and support for the CFL brothers.  A shout out to the Hanif bros for looking good each week.

Enough of the sappy talk, this is FOOTBALL!

This week the action returns to the adopted home of the CFL, Eisenhower Park. We will see five games this week.  Here are the previews!

Browns vs Sonics (8:30 AM) (Field 1): This is a juicy matchup, which features the dangerous Browns playing the first game of a double dip. The Browns have outclassed All Day and pummeled the young Falcons in their first two matchups. The Sonics easily defeated the Ballers and lost to the defending champions, the Replacements in their first two games. We think this game will feature a lot of emotion from both sides as Pops will be fired up for the Browns, and Waqas will be fueled by a tough loss in the previous week.  Remember it is Waqas versus the Browns.  That rivalry will never die out.   Ultimately, if both teams show up at full strength we see the Browns upending the Sonics.

Score Prediction: 34 – 20 Browns – browns


All Day vs. Imaan (8:30 AM) (Field 2):  Aqib has done a good job so far as the Commish of CFL.  Now he needs to do a good job with his team.  We may be kidding, but All Day has a tough task, as they will be playing the first of a back-to-back double header.  They will be facing an inspired and improved Imaan team. Faizan, the young QB #7 of Imaan has shown measurable improvement year over year, and the unit defensively has looked strong.  For All Day it seemed that they were missing some important players in week 1. The key for All Day to victory will be if Mango can create enough offense for this group. They will also need to put pressure on the young Faizan. We see this coming down to the final possession. Imaan wins a squeaker!

Score Prediction: Imaan 20- 19 iman


Niners vs. Browns (9:45 AM) (Field 1): This is the game of the week! Meet offense vs offense. Both teams love throwing the ball deep and putting up serious points on the board. The Browns set a CFL record with 70 points last week, while the Niners were not too shabby with 50+ points of their own. It is ironic in a game fueled by offense; we think the difference maker will be the defense. The Niners historically have created many turnovers led by Estaban (also QB). The Browns too were relentless defensively last week. Our experts think the team that creates more plays on defense will ultimately emerge victorious.  The edge goes to the Niners, as they will be playing a very young QB who may be overwhelmed by the Niners athleticism.  Do not be surprised for Shu to make an entry.


Score Prediction: Niners 41- 26 niner


All Day vs. Ballers (9:45 AM) (Field 2): The Ballers led by Usman and his two brothers are looking for their first win of the season in week 3. They played well last week on offense by creating some very creative trick plays.  Offensively they have the skill set to be a very challenging team.  Where they lack is on the defensive side of the ball. They must take advantage of the fact that All Day is playing the second leg of a back-to-back. Ultimately, the experts envision the Ballers will continue their search for their first W for at least another week.

Score Prediction: All Day 20 – Ballers 13 IMG-20180927-WA0007 (1)


Replacements vs. Falcons (11 AM) (Field 1):  This is David vs. Goliath. Youth vs experience. Champions vs. rookies. The young Falcons will look to bounce back from their week two loss to the Browns, but the challenge will only get harder. The defending champions are still finding their stride with Suhail leading the offense. The team even had Jeff throwing the ball around as QB out of necessity last week. Either way the young Falcons will struggle against the proven champions. Replacements win in blowout fashion.

Score Prediction: Replacements 41 – 13 reps


Power Rankings, Week 2


                               power rankings


A lot of excitement has surrounded CFL as many new brothers have joined. Many of the existing brothers have returned, and the feeling of autumn has never been better. The Crescent Football season has started with very few surprises. The teams expected to win have not only won, but also mostly dominated the action.  As far as the league goes, we have seen a very top-heavy outlook thus far. Will that change in the coming weeks? Let us dive into week two’s power rankings!

  1. Replacements: reps  The defending champions start a top the rankings. They do not quite look the same without Omar starting at QB. However, the fluidity and consistency has shown. These people know how to play at a high level, and have continued to do so through the first two weeks. Suhail has led the team early on and has put points on the board at will. Defensively they do not look as dangerous as in their champion season, but still have the makeup of a top defense. Once Omar returns to full health this unit will just get better.
  2. Niners: niner  The Niners made their return and were up to their usual tricks. They dominated offensively. Estaban has returned as the QB of this team and looked in mid-season form early on. This unit has shown the ability to create many turnovers and points off those turnovers. Looks like they will be without former MVP Jonathon this season. Is that something this unit can withstand in a long season? Can they make another run to the finals? Time will tell, but based on their first game they look dangerous!
  3. Browns:  browns The Browns have returned with many new faces. Pops leading the charge has recruited many talented players. This group may have the biggest name in the game in Nafi. On offense, they are led by the young Mark who can easily get into the conversation as a top QB in this league. He has shown a very strong and accurate arm thus far. Will that continue, as the schedule gets tougher? It remains to be seen, but it is very clear this team is loaded and will make a lot of noise this season.
  4. Sonics: sonics This team is led by Waqas and has shown some inconsistencies early on. They definitely are talented with the veteran Waqas leading the charge. Do not forget about Abdel and judge as legitimate offensive threats. This unit will go as far as their QB can take them. He has the propensity of throwing big TD’s, but also has the knack to throw deflating interceptions. We currently think this team is a tier below the top three.
  1. Imaan: iman  This group looks revamped and energized! Farooq has brought in many new brothers and results have shown thus far. Taco has brought a lot of energy to this squad. Faizan has given this team a legitimate QB, and Farooq has provided the $. Hey, we are only kidding about the last point! It is clear though that this team will pose a challenge every Saturday. The arrow is trending up.
  2. All Day:  IMG-20180927-WA0007 (1) This is a tough group to judge thus far. Led by the commish Aqib, they have played one game against the Browns, and looked good defensively. Offensively though they were a mess and lacked a lot of cohesion. Some of which is expected for a team with new faces. This team has the talent to give most teams a challenge on game day, but needs to show consistency. The arrow is trending down.
  3. Ballers:  new-york-giants-ballers-football-team  This group is led by Usman who is showing vast improvement year over year. This group has moved the ball quite effectively and have gotten great production from his brothers, Aqib and Umair. Unfortunately, for them, they have not been able to finish drives as efficiently as they would like yet. We think that will improve as the season goes on. Defensively they have lacked organization. It is clear though that the future is bright for this squad as they are a really dedicated and coordinated bunch.
  4. Falcons:  atlanta_falcons_logo_by_redfalcon821-d72chun  The young Falcons looked brilliant in week 1. Unfortunately, they looked bad in week 2. Some of this is expected as all their players are under 21. They have a lot to learn on the field, and were in for a rough lesson against the Browns this past week. The growing pains will be tough, but the future is bright. They will only get better as the season moves along.
  5. TNW:  nightssss This new team has faced many challenges thus far. Most new teams in Crescent face growing pains and adversity. This group has shown a lot of positivity and passion for the game. Their biggest hole so far has been at QB position. Ali must keep his boys inspired, as they will improve with more practice.


Week 2 Results


Image ^ Imaan in Motion

Week 2 was an offensive affair for the winning teams. In fact, the Browns set a league record for the most points scored (70) and team Imaan set a team record by scoring 45 points.

As shown below the rest of the scores were no surprise.

Week 2 Scores:

Game 1: Imaan 45 TNW 0

Game 2: Replacements 32 Sonics 12

Game 3: Niners 52. Ballers 18

Game 4: Browns 70 Falcons 18


No real shockers.

CFL 2018 – Week 2 Previews

A great opening week to the 4th season of CFL. Unfortunately most of the games were one sided affairs. We think that changes in week two:



Imaane vs TNW (8:30 AM)

Imaane showed up with a new revamped squad in the season opener. They had the fresh faced Faizan as their QB(formerly QB of Titans). They also added a host of new talent. Unfortunately for them they didn’t gel very well which can be the case for new teams. TNW made their crescent debut led by Ali. They struggled in their debut. Fortunately they have the luxury to gain a level of cohesiveness as the season develops. We think TNW will continue to show improvement, but don’t think that will result in a week 2 win. Imaane will edge out TNW.

Score prediction: Imaane 20 – 6   iman

Sonics vs Replacements (945 AM):

This is the game of the week! A rivalry matchup between Waqas and his former stud skill players(SofIzada’s). A lot has changed since the two parties have split. The Replacements have won the CFL season 3 title. On the other hand Waqas has created a formidable squad that will be a viable contender. Waqas added Omar Salama(formerly of the Dream Team). He was peppering his new weapon with targets , and also found his number one option(judge) for a TD pass.
On the other side, the replacements are missing Omar Sofizada for the second consecutive week. His absence was felt as he is the QB and defensive anchor for this unit. We sense that Waqas will come out with a burning desire to stick it to his former mates. Unfortunately we think his Sonics team will come up short in a tight battle.

Score prediction: Replacements 27-19 .  reps

Niners vs Ballers (11 Am):

The niners return! The team was on bye in week 1, but they still have a bitter taste in their mouth from last year’s finals loss. We expect them to bring back a similar well rounded squad. On the other hand, the ballers made their CFL debut this past week. They showed great promise by returning an interception for a TD. Offensively they moved the ball as well, but failed to put many points on the board. The arrow is trending up for this young Usman led team. However, we don’t think they will pose a challenge for the fired up Niners.


Score prediction: Niners 34-13  niner

Browns vs Falcons (12:15 PM):

The browns showed up with a revamped squad. They added a young QB by the name of Mark. He was throwing darts all morning and has the ability to be a very good QB in this league. They also added some talented skill players that previously played on Dream team. On the other side of the Spectrum the Falcons made their crescent debut. They looked great led by Shamikh. The young squad showed that they can win games in this league. If the Browns underestimate the young Falcons they might have a tough day. Ultimately we think veteran filled Browns wins a nail biter.

Score Prediction: Browns 26-20  browns

Rest of the Season Schedule!!!

Rest of the Season Schedule will be posted shortly . Please have patience.  The Commish is working Hard on getting it done. Thank you

There will be Games played this weekend Oct 6th.

Week 1 Results

Week 1 Results:


TNW 15



Grand Opening- CFL Season 4

Sept 29, 2018. Queens NY Hats off to Commish Aqib and his staff on a remarkable opening day for the Crescent Football League.

At 7:30 am we saw the beginning of a beautiful day as the officials set the field for the season opener.  And what an opener it was.  We saw new faces with anticipation and old veterans like Waqas and Faruk excited like it was the first day of summer vacation.  And let us not forget the gorgeous uniforms.  It made even the average looking guy into a football star.

Game 1. The Champs without Omar defeated the new look Imaan with a fresh new QB in Faizan in a tough defensive battle.  Imaan, led by AJ defense played tough D to keep it close.  At the end, Crescent extraordinaire Sohel Sofizada  made the clutch plays when it counted.

Game 2. The new and well behaved Browns led by Pops hung on a for a victory over the short-handed All Day boys who donned their new skyblue jerseys. The game itself was a defensive battle where things weren’t finalized till late.  For the Browns, Ken portrayed his classy behavior on and off the court for the Browns.  For the All Day, Adil represented as the hiker and kept the pressure on the Browns rookie QB.

Game 3. The Sonics led by Waqas scored 26 unanswered points and defeated the Usman led Ballers who came prepared with color coordinated uniforms and a ton of enthusiasm. The future is bright for the Ballers just like their uniforms and hairgel.

Game 4. The newbies Falcons and The Night’s Watch (TNW) battled but the results were not favorable for TNW as their defense allowed 42 points to the run and gun Falcons in the only lopsided game of the day.

Images of the day.


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