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Finals Predictions from around the Community


Finals Predictions from the Crescent Community



Well here it is.  Who will be the first ever dynasty in CFL.  Both teams have one chip and another win will cement them as the first ever to win multiple chips.  Browns are experienced and a tough squad.  But most of the Replacements were my teammates for a few years and I know those boys are tough and smart.  Hard to pick against a team that had 1 loss in the past two regular seasons and a roster that has only seen 3 Losses in over 35 games in CFL !!!.  As my teams always lose to the eventual Champs every season in semis, I don’t see that trend changing:  Replacement will win!  – Waqas, Captain of Sonics


I select Replacements to win a close game.  Even without Omar as QB, I see these guys with great team chemistry which will hard to beat.  The Browns may have a little more talent overall but the Replacements already have proved they can win a contested championship game and I think nothing can rattle these guys.  – Moody, Captain of Niners.


Tough call. I like the Replacements to win 28-25.  –Amin, Imaan


I predict Replacements, as their team chemistry is too good.  – Omar Khan, Sonics


I like the Replacements to win it in a close game.  –Shabhan, Imaan


Both teams are solid.  I like the Browns.  –AJ, Imaan


Congratulations to both teams making it to the finals, as it is never easy in any league or division to reach the finals because there are so many factors that must go your way like attendance, injuries, league politics, etc.  Objectively I see the Browns winning.  Go GLUEMAN –Fargo, Imaan


Browns.  –Gregg, Imaan


Replacements will prevail.  –Fayzan, Imaan


I think the Replacements are a tough team and still No. 1.  However, I cannot go against my brother Nafi in the clutch.  I will take the Browns over the Replacements.   –Sayem Khan, Season 2 Champ, Dream Team


Replacement will Win.  – Apron, Sonics


Replacements will win is my guess. – Omar, Sonics


Replacements will defeat Browns 27-21 and repeat as champions.  The Replacements will pick off the QB twice while Jeff wins MVP. – Tayeb, Sleepers CFL Team,


I think the Browns will win.  The Replacements have not been playing up to their potential.  –  Shamshi, Falcons Captain


Replacements and Browns.  What a contest!  We rarely get to see a no. 1 seed versus a no. 2 seed.  The two teams have been neck and neck but to me the Replacements have the edge.  Year in year out this team  have barely seen defeat.  The key to this game will be Nafi and the Browns defense.  Can the Browns hold down the Replacements?  I do not think so.  – Commish Aqib


The Replacements have a lot of speed on offense, which may be too much for the aging Browns.  Will definitely be a close game.  I will take Replacements.  – Usman, Captain of the Ballers


I like the Replacements in a close game. Last year’s Finals will prepare them for this week.  – Adil, All Day



Season 4 Finals Preview

The Game: Season 4 Finals

The Teams: Browns vs. The Replacements

The Schedule: 10:30 am, Saturday December 8, 2018

The Place: Martin Van Buren High School – Turf Football Field 

The Tagline: For the CHIP!

CFL  season four started with nine teams. Now only two remain. Number one vs number two. Defending champs vs former champs. Two finals appearances vs three final appearances. Not only is there a lot at stake for the players on both squads, but also for the two franchises involved. Before we get into the finals preview here is a little bit of a background on both teams.
The Browns: This franchise joined the CFL in season one. They won the first title in CFL history, and followed that up with a second final appearance in season two. They once again return to the finals in season four. Although there has been a lot of different players through the four years, they have a few familiar faces that have led the charge.
The Replacements: This franchise joined the CFL in season three. They capped an unbeaten run by winning the title and finishing 11-0 last year. They once again return to the finals this year.
CFL Season 4 Finals Preview:
The Replacements enter the finals as the defending champs. They are looking to become the first team to repeat in CFL up history. On the other hand, the Browns coming into the finals are looking to become the first team in CFL history to collect their second championship. With a lot at stake let’s look into the match up more closely.
The first time these two teams met the Replacements handled the Browns with ease (20-6). The captain of the Browns promises that this time around that will not be the case.
Here are the keys to a Browns victory:
1. Hit the Replacements early. The defending champs have faced very few holes in their two years in the league. Put them in an unfamiliar spot.
2. Make a firm commitment to your starting QB. The Browns have committed to Mark who has played great football. He has the ability to hoist up the trophy at the end of Saturday’s game. At the same time the Brown’s have a CFL championship QB sitting on their bench. Make a judgement call and start the guy who gives you the best chance to win.
3. Give the Replacements different looks on defense. As good as the Replacements defense has been, their offense has been a few notches below. Show Suhail different looks and force him to make quick reads.
Here are the keys to a Relacements victory:
1. Put pressure on the QB early and often. If that is Mark force him to think, and this will cause him to think about every play instead of playing with instinct. If this is Shu it will throw of his timing on his signature plays.
2. Let Suhail do his thing on offense. Suhail has made some big plays on offense this season. He has peppered his targets around to a strong supporting cast(Jeff,Max,Omar). Stick to the usual offensive game plan.
3. Continue to utilize your defense to create offense. The Replacements have done a great job of creating turnovers into points.
Ultimately this is a very tough matchup to pick. Both teams have many playmakers on both sides of the ball. You know the intensity will be high, and so will the emotions. No team has a clear advantage in experience as both teams have championship pedigree. Our experts will look to the Replacements regular season win and put plenty of weight behind that. Who will ultimately lift CFL’s season four trophy? Replacements win in a thriller!
Replacements 27- 19   reps


5 Final Questions for the Captains

Red Q&A - Questions and answers - symbol or icons isolated on white background, three-dimensional rendering, 3D illustration

Congratulations on making it to the finals!

Here are five questions the community would like to know:
1. Tell me a little bit about your team Suhail? Coming into the season how did you feel about your team? How do you feel about it now?
We are the defending champion Replacements , Last year coming off of a undefeated season I felt great going into this season . We brought back the same team plus a great addition in ZQ. I feel more confident in the team we have now then I did last year , we got that extra year under the belt .
2. What side of the ball would you consider your strongest (offense or defense)?
I would definitely say our defense . Our defense has been stellar all year ,I believe we gave single digit points per game this year and that is something to be proud of especially in a non contact flag football year . There has been times where we have struggled offensively but the defense has always stepped up and picked up the slack .
3. What do you consider a turning point for your team this season? If there is no true turning point, what do you consider a vital moment for your team this season?
A turning point for us I would say was the regular season game against the Niners that we lost . It had been our first loss as a team in two seasons and it was a humbling experience for us . It was better we got it out of the way when the stakes were a lot lower and our team learned a lot
From that game .
4. Who is the leader of your team? Who implements some of the weekly strategy?
I would say Omar is the leader of our team . He has a very high IQ when it comes to the game of football. But as far as strategy most of the people on the team give their weekly input and most of what everyone says gets implemented.
5. Your team beat the Browns in the regular season. What did you learn from that contest? Are their certain take aways from that game that will put you  in a position to win again?
To be honest We did not learn much from that game .. They were exactly who we thought they were .. come Saturday we will win AGAIN.

5 Final Questions for the Captains


Red Q&A - Questions and answers - symbol or icons isolated on white background, three-dimensional rendering, 3D illustration

Congratulations on making it to the finals!


Five Final questions for the Captain’s:



  1. Tell me a little bit about your team Pops? Coming into the season how did you feel about your team? How do you feel about it now?

Browns are a historic franchise and will be remembered for a very long time. Browns have entered leagues throughout NYC and have won many championships. In 2018 being old and still playing is a blessing from God. Coming into the season I combined the old with the youth. Some players had mix feelings so I basically handpicked players to start the season. I appreciate the players that joined after the start of the season and brought in what the mission of the league is about.  I feel good about my team, but talent alone is not going to help me win. Managing these personalities is my biggest task.  Starting rookie Mark at Qb I really didn’t know what I had. All I knew he had a strong arm. But coming into the season that was least of my worries. It almost felt like I threw Mark into the fire. Only because Browns have a veteran core of receivers.  The receivers on the browns are like Qb`s. They know the plays and scan the field as they are running. Our receivers have played football for a very long time and became a custom to certain things. They lose the patience quick. It almost like they don’t have time for Mark to grow. Being old and broken you don’t have time for growing. Its WIN now. For a person that can feel vibes and know what people think was a real challenge for me. I see everything. The kid is young and has a lot of upside to him. He is the future and got the Browns to the playoffs. Then you have People in your ear like “pops we need to win now put the hammer down and put in the best chance to win”.  Now could this be old man syndrome? Players who think they might not make it back to the finals. Mark is 7-1 as a Browns qb. I know some Teams that would give up their blood to be in a position in where Mark is at. I want to see Mark holding up the trophy. I been out there with some legends of the game at QB. The Kid has a six shooter I haven’t seen in a long time. You’re asking me how I feel right now? Wow not good. At the end of the day it’s me that going to have pull the trigger.


  1. What side of the ball would you consider your strongest (offense or defense)?

Defense! Not matter what sport I play in. Defense is always my strongest point. I used to play selfish many years ago. I only played for interceptions. Sohel did a great job retooling me into a team defender. I`m reborn again lol.  Don’t sleep on me on offense. I will come in quick and get a td. I’m a playmaker and I just live for the bang bang plays. My mind works better when I must think fast.


  1. What do you consider a turning point for your team this season? If there is no true turning point, what do you consider a vital moment for your team this season?

There was no turning point, but the vital moment was in the semi finals game. We came out strong, but our offense got stalled and our defense couldn’t stop them. Browns got very lucky that Niners kept dropping open passes. Browns were only down 3 but could easily been down 2 scores. Alexei have one of the best games I seen from a giver. He pressured Niners qb all game. He kept us in the game.  Then Nafi comes to me with a defensive scheme. A scheme you can’t plan for unless you see it constantly. I rely Nafi`s scheme to the other players and we shut them down. They keep punting but then guess what we are not scoring either. I see Mark and Alexei arguing on an incomplete pass. Mark`s Dad is also yelling at him, so he can fire him up. I look to the left I see the receivers the old warriors I talked about before who don’t have patience’s. Their shoulders are down and there looking at the floor. Then I look to the right I see this guy in a Brown shirt with a beard who is not saying a word. He is humble like me just observing the situation. Halftime was when the vital moment came in and I had to put Shu in. A td to Tj with two guys on him and a Short pass that lead to a 50-yard td by Sohel fired up the team.  Under a min to go Niners had a chance to win it on the 15-yard line but they couldn’t get passed the defensive scheme we had on them.


  1. Who is the leader of your team? Who implements some of the weekly strategy?

I can point out almost every player on the browns and say he’s a leader. I`m going to leave out the obvious and talk about some new guys. Glueman and Tom really surprised me with their knowledge and love for the game. They really brought that old school American football attitude to the team. Danny is another guy who brings a ton of knowledge to the team.  He`s always teaching the young guys.  We have something special that grew over the season that made us into an even bigger family then we were. I would like to thank every player on browns for showing their love and support for the team and ledge. Shu, Tom and I chat for weekly strategies but I’m constantly chatting from other players for their input.



  1. Your team was beaten by the Replacements in the regular season. What did you learn from that contest? Are their certain take aways from that game that you think will help you beat them this time around?

Replacements play school yard football. I was expecting more of an organized game. What I learned in that game was their more of a freestyle offensive team. They mostly score on broken plays. Long passes and the always on the run. They also talk a lot with a lead. Browns must put a muzzle on them early. Replacements make better plays when there happy and talking but I heard that they complain the most to the refs on every close play. Replacements are very short team in height. That causes a lot of banging bodies on plays. So, they like to use that to play mind games with the ref. we will be ready for their shenanigans.






IMG-20181202-WA0029          VS             IMG-20181202-WA0027

reps                              browns

Post Season Previews, Season 4

CFL’s most exciting week is here! This weeks game will be played  at Martin Van Buren HS. We will see the wild card play in game (8th seed vs 9th seed), first round, and semi-finals. Here is the playoff roundup:
Wild card game, 8:20 am, Field 1
Imaan IMG-20170930-WA0007vs. TNW:nightssss
Both teams will enter into this contest with the hopes of playing the Replacements in the first round. For Imaan the recipe has to be playing smart football. They definitely are a talented bunch, but inconsistencies on both sides of the football have been their biggest downfall. For TNW it’s as simple as making plays. This group has shown potential in pinches, but has failed to bring it together. Will Ali lead TNW to a huge upset? Our experts expect Imaan to win, but it won’t come easy.
Score Prediction: Imaan 27- 12
First Round:
Sonics vs. All Day: 9:30 am, Field 2
The Sonic’s met All Day in their final regular season contest. All Day was easily defeated by the Sonic’s in that game. Coach Aqib is expecting a better effort from his team in this one. For All Day to win they need to: Create more chunk plays on offense, force Waqas to make mistakes, and ultimately create turnovers. For the Sonic’s to win they need to: Start strong to limit their opponents confidence, control the time of possession, and trust their QB to make big plays. Ultimately our experts predict that we will see a competitive game. Sonics win a nail biter.
Sonics 26- 20
niner  vs. atlanta_falcons_logo_by_redfalcon821-d72chun
Niners vs. Falcons: 9:30 am Field 2
The Niner’s once again showed the league that they are hungry for a title. They avenged their finals loss against the Replacements from last season. On the other hand, the young Falcons have arrived on the scene, and have showed some serious toughness. The two teams met earlier this season and the Falcon’s played the Niner’s to the wire. This is a very enticing matchup as both teams possess strong offenses. The Niner’s hold a big advantage with a veteran QB in Estaban. The Falcons will play tough, but ultimately our experts believe that the Niners will edge them out.
Score prediction:
Niners 34- 27
Replacements vs. Imaan (projected) : 10:45 am, Field 2
The Replacements topped off another solid campaign in their second CFL season (7-1). On the other hand, our experts predict Imaan will be the wild card winner and be the team that faces the Replacement’s. The keys to victory for Imaan include: taking care of the football, creating defensive havoc(pressuring Suhail will be vital), and avoiding mental errors. For the Replacements it will be  about playing their usual defense and making key offensive plays. Can Imaan pull the monumental upset? Our experts expect an easy win for the Replacement’s.
Score Prediction:
Replacements 33- 13
Browns vs. Ballers: 10:45 am Field 1
The Browns put it all together this season and posted a great regular season (7-1). The Ballers struggled to put together any sort of consistency this season(3-5). The Ballers are serious about improving and have consistently been seen practicing this season. For them to ultimately win they must: Start fast, utilize their speed to their advantage on offense by creating big plays, and ultimately close the gaps on defense. For the Browns they need to: Neutralize the biggest strength of the Ballers(their speed), and continue to follow coach Tom’s game plan (it’s working). Browns win big.
Score prediction:
Browns 34- 13
SEMIS WILL START at 12:00 pm on Fields 1 and 2

Final Power Rankings –

The 2018 CFL’s regular season has come to an end. The season was filled with a ton of excitement, upsets, and most importantly brotherhood. As the season enters it’s most exciting moments here are the end of season power rankings:
1. Replacements (7-1) reps: The defending champs suffered their first ever loss in CFL. Mental errors and miscues led to a late loss against a very strong Niner’s team. The champs have upped their defensive game one notch this season, and have routinely utilized their defensive skill set to create offensive production. Who will take charge for this team on the offensive side of the ball? Suhail has taken a majority of the snaps at QB and has played very well, but will Omar start in the post season? The champs very well could repeat, but there are some questions left to be answered.
2. Browns (7-1) browns : The Browns have impressed this season with a retooled roster. Their only loss this season was against the Replacements. They have shown resilency since that loss, and have easily won all their remaining games. For the Browns the biggest question that remains is if they will turn the offense over to Shu in the playoffs. Mark has played very well for this team, but doesn’t have the big game experience. The Browns are eyeing their second CFL trophy.
3. Niners (6-2) niner: The Niner’s played an instant classic against the Replacements and handed them their first loss. After that game they lost a close game against the Sonics, and won comfortably vs Imaan. The Niner’s offensive firepower has once again squarely put them as a top contender for CFL’s biggest prize. With coach Moody leading the charge, this group is hungry to return to the finals, and in their minds win it. The trophy is within reach.
4.Sonics (5-3) sonics: The Sonics topped off a solid campaign by beating the Niner’s and crushing All Day. Waqas has put together a talented squad that has once again become a legitimate contender. A very solid receiving corps led by Judge has put a lot of pressure on defenses. It is evident that Waqas is hungry for his first CFL championship. Will he be able to make the critical plays to lead his team to the finals? Alot of questions remain, but one thing is clear, this team has serious upset potential.
5. Falcons (3-5) atlanta_falcons_logo_by_redfalcon821-d72chun: The young Falcon’s are leaps and bounds ahead of what most of our experts predicted. They have played close games against many of the top teams. They also have shown a level of firepower very rarely seen from a rookie team. The future is most definitely bright for this group, but ultimately they are worried about today, and believe they can make a Cinderella run in the playoffs. The enthusiasm and positivity of this group will continue to drive their future success.
6. All Day (4-4) IMG-20180927-WA0007 (1): This group has been the most average team in CFL. They have won every game that they were expected to win, and have lost every game they were expected to lose. They have once again shown steady progression on the defensive end, yet have failed to show enough firepower offensively to contend. They will need solid offensive play to pull a playoff upset.The talent is present, but some stylistic changes are necessary.
7. Ballers (2-6 new-york-giants-ballers-football-team): The Ballers have shown serious ability this season. Their biggest problem has been a lack of consistent production. Usman has shown good leadership in his second season, but ultimately they haven’t had much success thus far. If they can clean up their defensive struggles, and play with more consistency on offense they can really give a team a run come playoff time.  Here is their immaculate team picture once again:
8. Imaan (2-6 ) iman: Imaan has once again fallen towards the tail end of the rankings. They have shown some potential, but turnovers and the offensive indecisiveness have been a big problem for this group even with the versatile Taco.  Faizan needs to play his best to brew some upset potential.  It is safe to say they are the most under-achieving team this season.  Gregg and AJ have played well on defense but their offense has been consistently inconsistent.
9. TNW (0-8) nightssss: This rookie team has gone out and played hard every single game. They have brought a lot of joy to the CFL. They play the right way and they will most certainly show alot of growth come next season. Led by a solid leader in Ali, we are confident that he will bring a revamped squad next year.
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